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  1. zuvy

    Just Starting and want to get 2 trees going

    Thanks for the info. Looking at pixel controllers now. The plan was to start small with the trees, and work my way up with add on controllers as I expand. I figured the trees will help me learn sequencing before I try a bigger display. I am now looking at getting Pro series 16 channel with Pixie 16 that way it gives me more options, and I can use RGB strings. I was looking at using 8 RGB strings per tree and folding them for a 16 string tree. Would ribbon or strings be the best option? Thanks
  2. Hello, I am just starting out with this to go along with my window projector. I plan on starting with two simple trees, and I do not know for sure what I am going to need. I plan on getting the starter pack (residential) and some RGB lights. What do I really need for this? I will be building the base myself, and plan on running both trees through one controller. I just don't know what types of lights are best for this, and if I am getting the right equipment. Thanks for any help.