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  1. Thanks both. 4x2 it is. I cant quote get my head around the brace above. Sorry to be needy but any chance of a pic?
  2. Hi Folks I'm new to singing trees this year. I was wondering if there were any suggestions for supports for the trees? What are people using? Open to any ideas? Thanks in Advance Cheers MattJ
  3. Hi Would it be possible to get a copy? matt@jones-web.us. Cheers!
  4. James - looks like you are the man this year! Could I get a copy of this one too please. matt@jones-web.us. Cheers
  5. Hey James - If I could kick of the 2019 requests for this one. I am looking for Thunder faces please matt@jones-web.us
  6. Thanks Matt. I am running a simultaneous conversation on an LOR support ticket and even though I have not got a resolution yet, I'm fast coming to this conclusion based on the support responses so far. It seems like a step backwards to me that the S5 Preview will not support/replicate the LR functionality where are the S4 sequencer/visualizer will. Kinda leaves me with 2 choices; Leave all the sequences unchanged and hope they work when I unpack the lights in December. or... Remake the sequences expanding the 10 channels to 50 on each CCD in each sequence. I don't like the thought of #1 so I guess I'll be polishing up my editing skills in S5. Really appreciate you running a real world test Matt - thank you!
  7. Update - I've been playing with this for a couple of hours and will fall back to a very basic; "I just can't get LR to work in S5. Period" New Preview. Single CCD. LR set to intensity 10%... does not group the pixles into groups of 5 driven by the first 10 pixels in the string like it did in S4. I know this is probably user error on my part so still looking for any help anyone can give. Thanks again in advance!
  8. Thanks - that worked to un-archive it. It now looks active but it still doesn't work as expected: Here's the prop definition; Unit 8 - circuit 151.... I've gotta be doing something wrong?
  9. Hi Folks I'm going into year 3 with my LOR set-up. I'm OK at this stuff but am certainly not good at it yet. I think I'm rolling.... then I hit a roadblock! This year's additions are a couple of singing faces/trees and also the upgrade from S4 to S5. I've upgraded the software (to v5.3.6 Advanced) and am running through the process of converting my old S4 sequences. Everything looks good; My old visualizer file even converted over to the new preview format but I have hit the following problem and I am hoping you can help; I have a couple of sequences where I use the Logical resolution Channel (151) of some v1 & v2 CCDs and set the value in the sequence to 10% to have the string work off of 10 RGB channels (5 bulbs/pixels in each). When I import these sequences I'm told: And... true to form, the preview runs the first 10 lights in each string. The LR channel appears as archived in the editor with the "@" sign in front of the channel name. I don't know what to change to make the LR channel work again in the S5 software. Would appreciate any pointers! Cheers MattJ
  10. HI folks I'm 3 years into my LOR adventure. I've been starting from the top down and last year added to my system to finish off my roof line and windows with CCBs. My thought process this year is that I have a roof peak (see pic) that currently has a single channel (fairy light) wreath. I was thinking I could replace it with some cool RGB star or something - maybe a signing tree but I'm up for advice. If you had this space.... what would you put in it? Current system is 1 x G3MP3, 2 x CCC1, 2 x CCC2 , 1 x CTB16 Open to any advice. Thanks in advance. Cheers
  11. James - On the off chance that you are still sharing.... I'd love to round out my 2017 show with this one? matt@jones-web.us Thanks in advance.
  12. +1 on the CZE-05b. I bought one two weeks ago - one day Amazon prime delivery. Works like a charm. Remember to set it to low power mode or they'll be tuning in over in KC! (well, not quite but you get the point!)
  13. Hi JRC - Thanks. I did just that.... and have been messing round with it ever since. Good fun! In case anyone comes back to this post the answers to the questions are: No. They look awesome According to the LOR folks; not yet. But next year LOR will be releasing 'Motion Paks' which will be add-ons to sequences that will drive things like pixel trees, singing faces, etc. You have to have the YCM (editable) version of the sequence to do it but yes you can add the LR Macro channel in with a value of 5 (LR=5) and it works fine. Heck no! Thanks for all the help getting up and running Newbie Forum Folks!
  14. If this is still being shared I'd love to get a copy please matt@jones-web.us Thanks so much! Cheers
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