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  1. James - On the off chance that you are still sharing.... I'd love to round out my 2017 show with this one? matt@jones-web.us Thanks in advance.
  2. +1 on the CZE-05b. I bought one two weeks ago - one day Amazon prime delivery. Works like a charm. Remember to set it to low power mode or they'll be tuning in over in KC! (well, not quite but you get the point!)
  3. Hi JRC - Thanks. I did just that.... and have been messing round with it ever since. Good fun! In case anyone comes back to this post the answers to the questions are: No. They look awesome According to the LOR folks; not yet. But next year LOR will be releasing 'Motion Paks' which will be add-ons to sequences that will drive things like pixel trees, singing faces, etc. You have to have the YCM (editable) version of the sequence to do it but yes you can add the LR Macro channel in with a value of 5 (LR=5) and it works fine. Heck no! Thanks for all the help getting up and running Newbie Forum Folks!
  4. If this is still being shared I'd love to get a copy please matt@jones-web.us Thanks so much! Cheers
  5. Would love this one if you are still sharing. matt@jones-web.us Cheers
  6. Hi Mark Noob user here - would love Cant Stop the Feeling please. matt@jones-web.us Huge Thanks in Advance. Cheers
  7. Would love to get a copy of this please! matt@jones-web.us Cheers
  8. Would love to get a copy of Thunder please! matt@jones-web.us Cheers
  9. Hi All Again, thanks in advance. Hope I'm not posting too much. I promise y'all I am reading docs and searching forums in between posting! I very much appreciate the support I've received here and would not be anywhere near as far along as I am without it. I've just got my noob LOR setup running. As things stand, I have no technical issues (awesome!) and I've been learning a bunch about the practical side of setting this stuff up (outside) and the programming side of things (inside at my PC). I can write the most basic sequences and get them to run but I know that to get the best out of the lights I need to stand on the shoulders of giants and purchase a sequence or two. It's at this point I start to get a little confused. Here's the setup: I am running LOR Software Version:4.3.18 (Advanced Licence) 2 x CB100D 1st Gen Cosmic Color Bulb Controllers (each with 100 bulbs) - Three of these strings are along the roof line. One is around a window. 1 x CTB16PCg3 16 Channel controller - I know I'm meant to have groups of four. I have two groups of four and a group of one! (only 9 channels used right now) G3-MP3 Director. Before I ask the questions; I know I have no floods, no strobes, no arches and certainly no trees (mini or mega), so I'm not expecting any sequence to look like the show of someone who has all of that. I read the "C68P32 Read Me First" sequence document. The one that has a typical layout that looks like this: It seems like most of the sequences for sale on the sequencing store follow this C68P32 typical layout. Is that a fair comment? (I couldn't find one that did not... though I'll admit to just browsing randomly).. and I don't have a layout like that (yet). If this is the typical layout, I have four questions; Given my setup, is there any point buying sequences based on this layout, or will they just look pathetic? The RGB description of Controller 07 says "designed for eight RGB pixels and is used constantly during a sequence. We suggest using our CMB24D controller with eight dumb pixel ports. Connect dumb RGB ribbons, strings or floods to each port. Since these are dumb RGB lights, all the lights on the ribbon or string will be the same color but the sequence can make it any color at any time." but I have cosmic color bulbs!! They are awesome! They have hundreds of RGB pixels!! Are there sequences around that are designed for CCB/CCR etc that I am missing? Assuming I want to use some C68P32 layout sequences... Can I map the channels from these sequences to my CB100Ds at their current configured resolution of 50, without re-configuring them with HW utility? Some way of using the Resolution Channel? My layout for this year is set, but it's been a learning experience for sure. Next year am I better doing my "main house" with something more "dumb" on a 16 channel controller and using the CCBs for accents? (I don't like this idea, I like my CCBs round my roof line, but figure I should ask) A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, and I may be over thinking it at this point. It may just be a case of go buy a sequence, get it to work as best I can and learn from the process. That said, I'd certainly appreciate any advice, based on my ramblings, before I do. Thanks again. Cheers
  10. Thanks Jim. Awesome. Really appreciated.
  11. Hi Folks First year noob. I'm coming to the end of my (archaically) slow first year set up. By that I mean, at some point over this weekend, I will actually have everything hung, plugged in, tested and will be ready to do some of the fun stuff! A little behind the curve, right? I poked around some of the other forums here and want to go play in the sequences forum next. I feel that to do that I need a better understanding of what I have just installed!! Can anyone out there help me validate this, so I look like less of a noob outside this specific forum! I am running LOR Software Version:4.3.18 (Advanced Licence) I have 2 x CB100D (Original? 1st Gen?) Cosmic Color Bulb Controllers (each with 100 bulbs) and 1 x CTB16PCg3 16 Channel controller, all hooked up to a G3-MP3 Director. Here are my questions: Does this mean I have 656 channels? 320 for each CB100D and 16 for the CTB16PCg3. Am I saying anything in the above two bullets that is superfluous? "each with 100 bulbs" for example.... "of course it has 100 bulbs, ya noob, it's the CB100D!!" Am I missing anything about my set up that I ought to go find out? For example;Do all of my controllers have HW & FW versions that are going to be really important for people to know when I'm asking about sequences? Having browsed the other forums I am really appreciative for those experts out there, who return to this forum to get us noobs up and running. The LOR documentation and videos are good but I would have been lost without some of the answers I have got here. Thanks again. Cheers
  12. MattJ

    Basic light setup

    ... scratch that! More reading and playing and I don't think I can load a Show Editor Show to G3-MP3. It's not supposed to work that way. I created another sequence that turns everything off and scheduled it as Show 2 to run immediately after show 1 finishes. Cleans everything up. Not sure if it's supposed to work that way... but it solves my problems for now.
  13. MattJ

    Basic light setup

    Hi Folks I have the same issue here too. I'm obviously missing something, but after playing around a bit, going through my documentation and watching some of the online videos - I can't work it out. I have the G3-MP3 director and my lights are staying on at the end of my show. This is a newbie setup so I have one sequence. (Please, try to contain your excitement! ) If I load the sequence to the SD card using Simple Show Builder or the HW Utility I can set a schedule but there's no option (I can see) to turn lights off after the show. If I build a show for that 1 sequence using Show Editor, I can set all the option for "Turn Used lights off at the end of each sequence".... but I do not know (and can't find out) how to schedule that show and copy it to an SD card so it can be used in my G3-MP3. I think my basic question is, can somebody help me understand how to copy a SHOW, as opposed to just a series of sequences, to an SD card and have them run on a schedule with a G3-MP3 Director. Thanks in advance. Cheers
  14. Hi oilmoney Thanks for the answers! On & running (at least for now) it shall be! Why am I running them?? Well, work's going to prevent me adding to my solo string for another few days, so the conversation with my wife went something like this: "If you're going to spent that much on a string of lights and spend that long, on a Sunday afternoon, putting them up... The least you can do is turn them on until you get finished!!" Why am I running them..... 10% novelty value, 90% shame! Thanks again
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