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  1. John G

    Dazed and Confused

    I was thinking of 8ea. 100 pixel strings for the tree which would take 8 channels of the controller and which would leave me 8 channels for a star on the tree and some arches. Am I thinking of this correctly. Or will that make buying pre made sequences a nightmare to work with the system? What is the best solution for a 16 string tree with a globe or star and 3 to 6 arches??
  2. John G

    Dazed and Confused

    Thanks for the reply. I want to go with smart pixels so I can have animation. Which of the controllers would you recommend? From what you said it depends on the Pixels so that being said which pixels do you recommend. I have been looking at Ray Wu's because of the price. Also I will go with 12V to reduce the electrical load. I not certain if I will be able to sequence to music very well so will sequences you purchase work with any set up? One last question what software is best for beginners?
  3. I am looking at doing a Pixel tree next year and thinking about an 8ft 180 degree tree with a star on top. Possibly some arches in front. After reading every thing I am really confused now. If anyone has any suggestions on how to start and what to purchase it would be a great help. Your suggestions about size of the tree and number of pixels would be great.I have not purchased anything yet but want to start on the right foot. I have read where some people are purchasing pixel's from china to save money. I have never done any outside lighting but believe I want to jump in.
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