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  1. K6, I am exporting from Superstar into existing SE files as intensity data. I'm not using S5 this year. I'm using 4.4.2
  2. Hello everyone, I'm hoping that someone can answer this one cause I can't figure out why this is happening. I'm getting a very "glitchy" effects on my megatree, which is all done in Superstar for this year. I've run a test sequence through Pixel Editor to see if i get the same glitch and the PE effects come out nice w/ no glitching. My mega tree has 16 strands of 100 pixels in each strand. I have the 40CCR Pro license level on S4, 4.4.2. i am using the enhanced network speeds. The Superstar configuration is set to 100 pixels, and the Pixie16 controller is also set to 100 pixels. I save the intensity data into the original SE file to keep the file sizes down as well. The firmware version is 1.01 and unfortunately I have to ship these into LOR to get the firmware updated as the HU won't do it on the particular model of Pixie16 i have, but i can't do that till after the holidays. I'm not sure if the firmware version is the issue or not but i'm hoping a Superstar expert can help me w/ this issue. I don't have any videos to post yet but will soon if need be. Thx in advance.
  3. Good idea! i'll do that and maybe Brian may have some insight. Thx Orville!
  4. Hey Doc, I've updated mine too and i'm using 4.4.2 now but still have the same problem. It could be that my Pixie 16 firmware is not up to the latest due to my Pixie16's being two years old and LOR has to have them shipped in for them to manually update the firmware as it cannot be done through the HU w/ those particular boards. Either way, i'm hoping someone can answer the glitchy cause it only happens in Superstar. Pixel editor effects still come out nice and smooth.
  5. Aidan, I've had this same issue. I'm using a Pixie16 to control my mega tree. It does have a "glitchy" and almost strobe effect at times during every sequence. I hope someone can give us an answer.
  6. So what was the solution to this? I am receiving the same error now when I try to create new props using Holidaycoro wreaths. Each wreath has 54 nodes and three "rings". I'm using one long strand to populate the three rings and when I try to save it, I get the same error message.
  7. Very interesting to know and thank you! Well I hit a snag...I've been using the visualizer to try and create my mega tree, but it too is limited to only 50 pixels per strand. You mentioned my license isn't enough for my tree? Do I need to get the 40CCR upgrade? What's weird is I can do that many in PE, but as you know the effects aren't as good so I may have to do that for this year. Uggh. lol. I appreciate the info though. I'll look into upgrading as well. Thx again!
  8. I did set it up in CCR mode so I'll try it again w/ the Visualization mode, although I need to do some more learning on the Visualizer. Do you have to import the visualization file into superstar in order to get more than 50 pixels/strand to work? I've downloaded the new S5 beta but I haven't had time to experiment w/ it yet. Thx K6! I do appreciate your help!
  9. K6, I cannot get the Superstar to control more than 50 pixels per CCR so that's how I know. Here's my setup. I'm putting in a 10' megatree this year, with 16 strands of the bullet LED's. Each strand has 100 pixels in it. I also have the pro level license and can control up to 24CCR's with Superstar. I'm using a Pixie16 to control my tree, and i've set the parameters in HU to do 100 pixels and I can get all LED's in each string to light up in HU. I can also get them to work using effects in PE, but I want to use the morphs and other tools from Superstar for my tree effects. When I create test sequences and merge the intensity data, and then play the sequence, only half of the LED's on each strand light up. Any suggestions I might try?
  10. Hello all! I've looked through most of the threads under S5 and I haven't seen the issue of Superstar only controlling 50 pixels being addressed. i haven't got the beta yet and I'm going to wait until it's full release so I don't know if this issue has been fixed. Will the new S5 Superstar control more than 50 pixels?
  11. Thx Matt! I've read that article and I must have missed the section on page 13 that says "leave start circuit set to 1". I've tried the sequence again w/ these changes and it works fine now. Thank you!!!
  12. Matt, thx for your reply. I thought the starting circuit refers to the physical "port" on the Pixie16. Does the starting circuit refer to the first pixel instead?
  13. Hello all, I've got a weird issue I cannot figure out and I'm hoping someone has some insight. I've created a test sequence in both SE and PE and created simple effects for my props. Every prop seems to work w/ the exception of three stars. I'm using Pixie16 controllers, and each controller has the correct unit ID's, networks, com ports, etc. and the controller pixel settings are both at 100 and the Pixie16 has the latest firmware version. Each star has 50 pixels, and every color lights up just fine when I test it in HU. However; when I run the actual sequence, the last four LED's don't do anything, (see the attached pics) regardless of the type of effect. I've changed the prop settings numerous times, specifically the channel section information, but still have the same result. I've even tried lowering the "max circuit" number to 150 instead of 175 (so there's no carry over) and it had no change. I don't know exactly what the carry over column is, and LOR has NO literature or reference to this section and what it does, even in the help guide or tutorials. I've even changed the options in the channels section, "separate unit # for each string" instead of "individual start channels", and I get the same result. I've even tried checking both options and again, same results. I know the LED's are not bad because every color will light up in the HU pixel test. I always save the file in PE and then save the intensity data before running the sequence from SE. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm at my wits end! Thx in advance.
  14. Brian, I've had the same issue where I can only get 50 pixels to light after creating a test sequence. I built a 10' mega tree w/ 16 strings, 100 pixels in each string. They test fine in the HU, but only half of them light when actually playing the sequence. When I export the intensity data, I can only get 50 of the 100 pixels to work. I do have SS 24 CCR Pro level. How do I get all 100 to play in the sequence?
  15. Thx everyone for your input! I figured out my problem. I simply had the wrong LED's in the groups I created. Now I can get the flame to flicker.
  16. I have been watching that video but it's still not working.
  17. Ok. I found the color fade tool, and i've changed both colors to a flame color. I've done one RGB channel as twinkle w/ these two colors and one channel w/ shimmer and it's still not working. Any thoughts? Thx again, i really appreciate your help
  18. Thx Mr. P for your reply. I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "bottom of the color pop up box". I tried using the shimmer and twinkle from the tool bar. The ones next to the on/off commands. I'll enclose a picture. I tried using both twinkle and shimmer from the tool bar on both red and green.
  19. Hey folks, I'm testing a Coro candle and I have eight of the rectangular LED modules. The candle base contains five of the eight modules, with the remaining three in the candle flame itself. I've created a test sequence in LOR with only one Pixie16. I've created the appropriate RGB channels and grouped them accordingly. (i.e. Candle base, Candle Flame). I'm trying to use the shimmer and/or twinkle effect for the flickering flame effect; however, I'm unable to get these effects to work when I run the sequence. I've created random on/off and fades w/ each LED and they work fine, the shimmer and twinkle does not. Any thoughts? Thx in advance
  20. Thx Ebrown! That fixed my issue. I'm still a noob when it comes to this and I really appreciate your help.
  21. Hey all, I'm having some issues w/ a Pixie16 controller. I've created a test sequence to simply test this controller, but the pixie16 will not activate any pixels at all during the sequence. For this particular test, I have only this one controller connected to the regular network, enhanced mode at 500k speed and i'm using the red dongle. I'm sure this is an "addressing" issue, but I cannot figure out what I'm doing wrong. The unit works properly in the hardware utility, and I can run every test just fine, it just won't play during the actual sequence. I've included some screenshots in hopes someone can show me what I need to change. PS. The Pixie16 I have does have the latest firmware (V1.01) Thank you in advance!
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