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  1. musical sequence. I when back into the last one and the lights were on to the very last. I am guessing this is a bug with the new V5 software since I did not have this problem with V4. I did do like stated above and went and shut off all lights before the end & have not had problem since. Before making the change some mornings the lights were on and some they were off, so it was working correct part of the time.
  2. I have a simple show I have going on for valentines day. This is the first I have used the new 5 software. I have a simple show. I have check everywhere I can find that says turn lights off after each sequence. At the end of the show some nights the lights stay on and some they are turn off. When I unplug power to the controllers and reapply the lights will stay off. Are there different places I need to check to turn off the lights beside the show editor? I have the latest software 5.2.2 Pro and updated the pix8 & 4 with the latest firmware.
  3. What was the solution? I would first checked your power supply to make sure it was putting out the correct voltage with lights plugged in and without.
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