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  1. Mega tree

    The MegaTree Kit includes: 1 pc - 16/32 Topper for use with 3/4" EMT Conduit (not included) 1 pc - Guy Wire Ring 3 pcs - Pre-made Guy Wires with attachment hooks on one end and a loop on the other 1 pc - Base Plate so a single 5v 750 watt power supply is better compare to having 2 5v 300 watt? and also I have G3 mini MP3 director you think I would be able to used this or is will be better to just go straight ahead from my pc to controller but at same time I decided just to build 16 strips this year due to the time frame I'm getting of the boat in the next 2 days and I'm only going to have 4 weeks off and be back to boat for another 4 weeks so at the moment my time at home to do the project I'm hopping I'll be able to put it all together before I come back to the boat and by next time off I'll be able to set it up. And do you have any idea where to down load free lor sequence? do you have the model number for 750 watt mean well power supply and site where to get them?
  2. Mega tree

    As of last year I have 1000 nodes ws2811 5volt smart pixel in 20 string, and 5volt 350watt power supply, and also I have alpha pix 4 controller, this year I purchase 3 cable guard cg-1500, diy 10'mega tree kit by boscoyo studio, 23" star topper things needed power supply 3 pin connector lor pixie 16 controler 2x hopefully this is all I need to complete the build. if there is anything else I need please let me know thank you so much and god bless always
  3. Mega tree

    About 10foot tall 16 or 32 I have 1000 pcs. 5v smart pixel that are in 50pixel per string and and I have 20 string so a total 1000pixel so I make it at any length thank you and god bless
  4. Mega tree

    I was actually been gathering supply's since last year to build my mega tree and also I've deciding on what software I wanna upgrade into the only reason I did not went for pro coz I like to see if this kind of sep up is what I would really like or other system but sat of last year I was really happy with the result that's why I decided that I would try to get my megatree project. But I'm also flexible and still willing to wait till next year thank you for your advise and god bless you
  5. Mega tree

    Okey I think that's a good idea as of last year i have thinking about getting a pro version of the software but for some reason I end up getting a standard edition just to see if I gonna like it. But as of last year I was liking the lor compare to other system out there and and this year I have 500 smart pixel that I acquired from last year for my mega tree project. I hope I have enough time to get going this year thanks for all the help and god bless always..
  6. Mega tree

    Okey i see, so would you recommend that I go ahead and upgrade my license to advance or to pro? Or would it be better to just go ahead and upgrade it to pro?
  7. Mega tree

    Yeah I think that's change now I came from leaved there 13yrs ago and I think a lot of Californian moved in here in Washington so I think you'll be fine if you decide to move back and here. Heheheheh
  8. Mega tree

    LOR Feature Level: StandardSuperStar Feature Level: DemoMax Version: 5.0.* (and any future versions released by December 1, 2017) this is what is have for license so you think this will work for mega tree? Thank you mr.p and god bless always
  9. Mega tree

    Thank you for your reply dibblerjr I really appreciate the help. And if you can provide me list oh thing need to to build mega tree that will be helpful thank you and god bless always
  10. Mega tree

    Thank you b.y.r.g
  11. Mega tree

    A good day everyone I started usring lor last year and I plan to add a pixel mega tree this year and i like to know everybody's opinion on what would be a great controler to used on a smart pixel ws2811 smart pixel (pixie 16 or pxicon16) as know i have showtime central and 2 -16 channel controller so pls. Can any body show me a way to where I can run all this controller and hook up pixel controller for pixel mega tree thank you and god bless you all