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    have 32 channels, a dc controller and black light
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  1. I know this is an old tread, but any chance I can get a copy? I want to add singing faces to xmas this year. gjepsen@venturafoods.com
  2. can I get a copy of this also? thanks in advance gjepsen@venturafoods.com
  3. would you share "This is Halloween? gjepsen@venturafoods.com
  4. I would love any that you would be willing to share but 9,17,25,35 are top on my list gjepsen@venturafoods.com p.s. really need pirate or dungeon seqs.
  5. Does anyone have any pirate based sequences they would be willing to share? GJepsen@venturafoods.com
  6. would you be willing to share it? gjepsen@venturafoods.com
  7. any you want to send my way would be great. Thanks gjepsen@venturafoods.com
  8. I would love a copy also gjepsen@venturafoods.com
  9. I live is a nice neighborhood, but even so, I put a thick cable through each unit and to a tree because of people venturing in from other areas.
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