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  1. Great Job! Yes it is like an addiction Started 4 years ago with 32 channels and now do Halloween and Christmas.
  2. Here is a link to my 2008 videos. Hope you enjoy. http://www.lacawb.com/2008videos
  3. Great Job love the giant pumpkin.
  4. Disneyman and Harbs, Welcome to LOR. Becareful this stuff is like an addiction. I hit all the after christmas sales and will need to buy more controllers. Just waiting on the sale. If you didn"t already know sign up on LOR's website and they will e-mail you in May/June time frame with details about there annual sale. Best time to buy additional controllers.
  5. Ah yes, made a mistake it is TSO. Thanks
  6. Grreat job! that was very well done. Andrew
  7. Bridgewater subdavision. Southwest
  8. Great job on the timing. I will have to make the trip over to see it in person as I know from my display the videos never do them justice, have to see them in person.
  9. I finally got the video edited and posted on youtube. Links can be found on my website. http://www.lacawb.com or click here Sleigh Ride - Carol of Bells - Christmas Jam - Mad Russian Christmas - Fairies - March of the kings - The Ghost of Christmas Eve – Mr. Grinch -
  10. Great minds think alike. I have more photos but you can see my controller box at www.lacawb.com the blue box hase 3 controllers in it. Andrew
  11. Yes thank you. I got a couple off there last year.
  12. The way my wife keeps changing the display layout and wanting to add this and tha I may have no songs this year. Went from 32 channels last year to 96. Sorry had to vent. I gave her a cut off date of last friday now it is tonight so hopefully I can begin modifying all 7 of last years songs then work on new ones. Andrew
  13. Still trying to barow a video camera but the attached link will take you to some photos of my display. http://picasaweb.google.com/bauera2/Halloween?authkey=Qwz0DBnV3cI Let me know what you think. Andrew
  14. I upgraded to LOR 1.6.3 and have Vista Ultimate Sequence editor runs great I just cannot get my 1602W controllers to connect. Everytime I plug in the USB485B Vista askes me for device drivers for my FT232R USB UART device. I have also installed teh Hardware utility 1.6.3 I spent all weekend setting up my halloween display and I cann't get it working because of this!!! UGH!! Never mind. I went back to basics and read the instructions. Downloaded teh latest drivers from ftdichip and we are in business. Thanks, Andrew
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