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  1. So I replaced the cat5 to the last controller and changed all of the unit IDs to allow for 2 IDs per controller and I am happy to report that everything is now working. Now I have a lot of programming to do in a short period of time lol. Thanks for your help!!!
  2. I changed the unit IDs on the 3 controllers that are communicating with HU and updated all of the info in PE but still nothing lighting up outside now.
  3. OK Thanks. I will have to change the unit IDs and see if that helps. I dont know what I did since my last post but now nothing is lighting up during playback again. I didnt change anything..... Getting very frustrated....
  4. Turns out I had set the network speed for 500K but did not click the enhanced network box. Some of the lights are now somewhat working. I say somewhat because i have them programmed to do a red and green pattern but some of the bulbs are lighting up blue. I am still getting mystery devices when i refresh in HU, and now it doesnt find 05 at all(before it had 05 in the list but said unknown device). I'm going to try a different cat5 cable to controller 05 and see if that fixes it - it is the last controller in the daisy chain. When I initially set up the controllers in HU, I set up unit ID mode as Normal (Single ID). Do I still need to do as you described above?
  5. I have 4 CCB controllers and 8 strings of RGBs that I am trying to add to my display. When I go into HU and refresh it finds 13 units on com 4(which is wierd because the 4 controllers are the only thing connected to the network?) I can see 3 of the new CCB controllers (03, 04, and 06) but 05 says unknown device (along with the 9 other mystery devices it is seeing. I can test the lights in pixel console on the 3 CCBs and all the lights test ok, however when I try to play a text sequence in PE, nothing lights up outside (Control lights is on). Any help is greatly appreciated. I tried setting this stuff up last year and ran into so many problems that i ended up giving up 3 days before christmas. I'm hoping to be able to actually turn my show on this year and not having a dark front yard.
  6. Do I need to run 2 networks?

    Thanks for your help Alan. Both of the CTBs are Gen3 with Ver 1.06 so i upgraded them last night to Ver 1.08 and no difference. I guess I will try setting up a 2nd network after i go get some more cat5 cable. I will let you know how it goes
  7. Do I need to run 2 networks?

    I am running the Red high speed adapter right now with the 6 controllers. I changed the network speed to 500k. Would that not be fast enough? (my backup adapter is the black one)
  8. Do I need to run 2 networks?

    I didnt see a post from Don.... Did i miss something?
  9. Do I need to run 2 networks?

    I wanted to run everything on 1 network if I can.I do have a 2nd rs485 adapter if I need to run a 2nd network but its the black one, not the red.
  10. Do I need to run 2 networks?

    I can not see them in hardware utility, but light output is all messed up too. If all 6 contollers are powered ON when i try to run a show from last year, CTB #01 does not work properly. Most of the channels on 01 are erratic and flash randomly while CTB 02 works better but still not as it should. If only the CTBs are powered up (which was my setup last year... RGBs are new this year) both CTBs work properly and I can see both if i look in HU Only 1 controller was connected at a time when I assigned unit IDs. I confirmed that all unit ids were correct and all 4 CCBs tested properly individually after I set unit ids. Max unit ID is set to 10 I have not made a test sequence yet for the CCBs as i wont even be able to use them if i cant even get my original setup working. I have a cat5 cable tester which i have used on each cable individually, as well as the entire daisy chain, and everything tests good. Control Panel is running and yes, only 1 of HU and SE open at a time.
  11. Do I need to run 2 networks?

    I just updated the firmware on both CTB16s and it didnt make a difference. CCBs are up to date as they are all new.
  12. Do I need to run 2 networks?

    I have not updated firmware. CTB16s are running firmware ver1.06 and CCBs are ver 1.21
  13. Do I need to run 2 networks?

    I have double checked the unit IDs and they are all setup properly. The CTB16s are 01 and 02 and the CCBs are 0A, 0B, 0C and 0D. I have the red 485 adapter, and my CTB16s are Gen3 so I changed network speed to 500k and it didn't make any difference. I dont usually use the timer. I bought it because it has 6 outlets on it but I usually leave it in constant ON mode. Anyways, i'm still only able to see 1 of my 2 CTB16s when all 6 units are powered up. When the CCBs are powered down i can see both CTB16s fine. I also noticed that when all 6 are powered on, controller 01 (the one that I can not see with HU) has the fist 3 channels flickering on and off randomly, even with HU not running..... I'm so confused....
  14. Do I need to run 2 networks?

    To be honest I'm not sure. Probably just the regular speed. I was just doing some reading about network speeds. How do I go about changing that?
  15. Do I need to run 2 networks?

    To be honest I'm not sure. Probably just the regular speed. I was just doing some reading about network speeds. How do I go about changing that?