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  1. Just couldn't do it could you... you'd rather be right than be kind. So go ahead, be as right as you want. Now everyone can see your true colors. Now I'm finished.
  2. Here's what I find unethical. That you guys would drag someone through the mud like this without even contacting him privately. And now you do the same to me because I have a differing opinion. He's already asked that this thread be deleted but you're all so busy patting yourselves on the back that you failed to notice this or just let the thread die. So, if you're interested in letting it die... do so.
  3. Gosh, after seeing all of you attack Erik in this way I’m really sort of ashamed to be part of this forum. I live in Erik's local area and I don’t see a thing wrong with his asking people to help him out and consider voting for his display. There are 24 other entries in the contest, vote for someone else if you don’t think he’s deserving or you want to level the playing field. In fact, if your ethical values don’t allow you to vote DON’T. But posting here, preaching to him with your holier than thou attitudes… I’m appalled. I would even dare say that there’s not a one of you on this board that wouldn’t ask friends and family to vote in a similar contest, no matter if they lived locally or not. Do you have a right to your opinions?… of course. However, if you feel the overwhelming need to share your opinion and you just find it completly impossible to keep it to yourself, PM Erik. Let him know privately. But attacking him in public like this, (and please, don’t bother to tell me that you weren’t attacking and that you were just "sharing in 'love'") so close to the holiday that we all came together to celebrate in the first place??? I just don’t get it.
  4. mwilliams wrote: Oh, and by the way... you'll need extension cords...
  5. Kim, Another peice of advice to remember. There will be times throughout the next year when you feel like you have a grasp on the whole thing, and then the next day you may feel like you've bitten off WAY more than you can chew. It can get very expensive if you're not careful (BTW, I wasn't very careful and it got way expensive, 11 controllers and 19000 lights later). Whatever you end up going with, stick with it. Don't feel overwhelmed. Everyone here is more than willing to help. Rick
  6. Then plug in the first and second boxes together and refresh the hardware utility. Do the same with boxes 3 and 4.
  7. Did you try this?: Plug in ONLY the second box. Then in the Hardware utility, set the UnitID to 02 or higher. Attached files
  8. Wellll..... since I was too late to enter... I voted for you! Great job Erik! It was good meeting you!
  9. Maybe you've tried it already but I've had that problem before and rebooting the machine helped.
  10. Corey, I have a couple of things I built out of 2" PVC this year also. I just pounded T-Posts into the ground and slid the PVC over the top. Rick PS Where in Ogden are you? I'm in South Ogden myself.
  11. Thanks for the input guys. Now, what about running shows in wet weather? Any issues?
  12. You know the stackable plugs that are on most strings of lights that allow you to plug in another string on top? Like these: http://www.aachristmas.com/descriptions/stackable_plugs.htm Is it necessary to weatherproof them so rain/snow doesn't get into the plug?
  13. Thanks Bob! Just what I needed to know.
  14. OK, so this is a totally stupid newbie question, but I guess I didn't pay enough attention before ordering... I was sort of expecting the screw type power connections in my new PC controllers... but they're the spade type so now, since I didn't by power cables from LOR I need to buy the female crimp-on connectors before I can assemble my controllers. SO, my stupid newbie question is... are they all the same size? Can I just go to Radio Shack and pick some up?
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