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  1. @k6cccI just looked and apparently you and I had this same conversation 2 years ago.. with no resolution.
  2. Anxiously awaiting this reply. 🤪
  3. I have a 'normal' animation in my show, which just keeps on a basic set of white lights/icicles. When someone pushes the Christmas Magic button (a doorbell on a post) the show plays the next song sequence in the interactive portion of the show. The problem I have is that sometimes during the song sequence, the animation will start up again. This kind of ruins the effect. Ideally, the show would go Normal->Song->Normal. I have tried making the animation extra long so that it doesn't restart during the middle of a song, but if I make it too long, the whole house is in 'black' for too long after the song. Does anyone how to just 'pause' the animation during the interactive song sequence? Using 4.3.26, not sure if a software update will help here.
  4. Jim, Thanks for the reply. I am pretty sure Jukebox is what I want, it just doesn't seem to be pausing the other sequences in the show... I even tried creating a sequence with a silent audio track, and just using that, but Sequence Editor did NOT like the audio track. Crashed. I ended up making my animation loop 5min long so at least it was LESS LIKELY to start up again during a triggered song, but that's not going to work perfectly. Hope someone knows something I don't...
  5. I have a show with a 2 min animation that just loops a couple hundred times. In this same show I have a Jukebox Interactive goup that triggers a musical sequence. This works pretty much as expected, except that I notice that when I trigger the musical sequence it begins to play, but if/when the animation gets to it's 2min loop point it starts playing again consecutively. Is there a way to have a trigger 'pause' anything that's running until it's finished and then resume?
  6. All, There is an Aux Power Barrel on my CMB24D, the documentation around this barrel is not fantastic. I can't tell if this barrel can be used to power other devices, or acts as an alernative power supply for CMB24D. (or both...) I do not have the USB-RS485 with the BOOSTER, so I can't power my PUP via the ethernet, it would be great if I could power it from the nearby CMB24D. Alternatively, does anyone know if the BOOSTER is just 'light o rama speak' for POE (power over ethernet) and if you can accomplish the same thing with a third party POE injector? Thanks, -Brian
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