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  1. Not the best quality but here's a short video of our first test this season. Purchase the pixel tree sequences. The RGB icicles are new to the show this year. Will hopefully have the full show up and running tomorrow.
  2. paulnels


    what is the set up for your roof lights? Multiple LED strands connected together and running off a single channel/plug on the controller or are you running smart/dumb pixels/ribbons?
  3. Thought it was strange as well. I'll have to set it up on one of my other computers and see if they do the same thing or if its unique the box i've been running the show from. Thank you all for taking the time to provide input/recommendations. Its my first year running a show so I'm still trying to figure eveything out and every bit of help is much appreciated!!
  4. it was a result of my computer timing out and locking. the music will still play through the PC speakers when locked but the lock event on the PC would cut off the feed to the FM tuner. Expanded the lock screen time so my PC does not lock while running the show and no more issues. should've known it was something small. :-)
  5. it has been consistent every time except once when it decided to continue playing. If I unplug the FM tuner the music is still playing on my PC so I'm wondering if the signal gets interrupted somehow when it loops through the show. not seeing anything in the logs that would signal a change as it shows that it loads the first sequence again after the last one has run. I don't run any other programs actively on my PC during the show. Running Windows 10. Thanks for the feedback all!
  6. I am playing from my PC using the show on demand feature.
  7. My show runs through all sequences fine and loops back to the first sequence to run through the show again but about half way through the second pass of the first sequence the music cuts out. The lights continue to run fine. Any recommendations are appreciated.
  8. Would you mind sharing with me as well, please? paulnels@live.com
  9. one more request if you dont mind sharing again. paulnels@live.com
  10. Hi Bill, if you dont mind can you please send some my way as well. First year running 32 outputs. Thank you!! paulnels@live.com
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