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  1. Last ? Do you have to buy the license every year? As In I buy all the equipment buy license set it all up how I want then choose to leave it. When I hook it up the following years does it only work if I re purchase a license or is it good to go as long as no changes are made. In my case I am too busy to be changing it up year after year. I would buy it set it up yr one how I want then just use same thing for following years. Just not sold on spending $5,000 on equipment that can not be used unless spend more money ea year seems at the price you should be able to use it. This is what I a referring to Software without a license will function in "demo" mode and will not actually control your lights. I see no option where you buy a permanent key they all seem to be by the year.
  2. So which set up should I look into for running mainly RGB smart lights? I thought LOR did that as it seems to be what everyone uses. NM I think I found it the PixCon16. So just so I am correct a RGB channel is different so 10,000 RGB channels is not same as I was thinking in the 16 channel boxes.
  3. I have been researching how to do this and wanting to make Christmas set up for a long time. I am finally ready to do it just seems I am missing something. The Displays you see on YouTube have to consist of 8,000 to 10,000 channels or more. Leaping hoops for instance just simple old school lights 2 hoops = 16 channels Most are RGB smart lights = 100's of channels per hoop. I find it hard to believe all those people have be light and say 5000 channels that is 312 16 channel controllers. No way they have that many controller boxes. Question is what am I missing? My plans are RGB smart lights (2 story house with 3 car garage) full roof outline RGB smart full windows and doors outline RGB smart 3 porch pillars 3 RGB Smart leaping hoops 10 small RGB smart 3ft tall walking trees (zig zag so looks like they walking) icicles on front of roof across entire house RGB smart outline of sidewalk. House is about 125 ft long So with plans knowing ea single light is a channel guessing I would say that is 10,000 channels or more. So what piece of equipment am I missing as most people with similar set ups have about 4 LOR modules. or 64 channels.
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