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  1. Ok I will look, but they were sequences I used last year, and just added the tree and star to them, i did go back and look at my setup of my alphapix 4, and i found that when i set up the channels, i used 3 of the 4 and updated those, but number 4 is unused but defaulted to universe 1 which was being used by my tree , i dont know if this caused the effect i have, but i did fix that and will retest once i get a chance, thanks for the advice
  2. Hello all, this is my first year with e131 and I have a pre existing LOR network. I have built and configured a 16 strand pixel tree and a 200 pixel star, both controllers alphapix. I put up my tree and star to run a test show, and the sequences and output worked as I had hoped, all synced and no network issues, however, even though in my show ended, and I have the box checked all lights off after each sequence, the rgb star on an alphapix 4 stays on with what seems like the last command sent to it, then when the next sequence starts, it plays the correct commands, and so on, at the end of the show, when all the lights go off , including the pixel tree, the start still stays on, until I power it down, any ideas?. Thanks in advance for any help
  3. James, Any chance I could get a copy? michaeltsheehan1@gmail.com
  4. That would be great. How about we start with that and with the other suggestions I got on the forum I have a better idea what I need to do to build the star, with the pixel strands I have, if I have more questions, can I pm you then?
  5. I'm using s4 and haven't used pe, have used superstar and xlights , I will look at pe thanks
  6. I have 12 volt, what I dont have is a good visualization file for the star, the one I downloaded from Brian Bruderer is made for a lor output so if you know of 1 that I can use it would be helpful
  7. I see , I didnt even consider or think of putting the concentric rings not in order that makes so much sense now!
  8. But 1 universe will have 90 nodes(23, 30, 40) and the other 110 nodes?
  9. Hello all, I am new to the world of E1.31 and have purchased a 16 strand pixel tree which have have learned how to program and output through my LOR SE into my sequences with no issues. I wanted to add a RGB star, and purchased a 200 pixel RBG star (5 concentric stars, 20, 30, 40, 50 ,60) from Brian Bruderer of superstar lights which stated needed 200 RGB lights. I also purchased am E1.31 4 output controller from holiday coro alphapix 4, to run it. I am having a hard time wrapping my head around how to output the data. Brian has a template for his star to use in superstar to program, and it outputs 1 rgb channel for each of the 5 concentric stars. My controller has 4 outputs, and I am looking for some advice on how to set up the controller and how to set it up in the SE of LOR to add it to my already completed sequences with the pixel tree. My tree controller had 16 outputs, so it was easy, each output, was 1 universe 16 strands, 16 universes easy peazy and i have programmed with xlights, and superstar for different effects but this star has me stumped. I want to figure this out before I assemble the star as I have to glue each node into its hole and i only want to do it after i have it all correct. I have 2 100 pixel rgb strands to start with, but didnt know how to set up the universes, and trying to see if i can not have to cut the strands too much, I was thinking the 20, 30, and 40(total 90) on 1 universe, and the 50 and 60 on another universe, but... any advice would be apprecated
  10. So I shut down my computer and restarted everything and i can create the 75 pixel tree in tree wizard as dougd said, has to have been user error, thanks for the prompt replies
  11. It wont in tree wizard, but it will in single strand as suggested by k6ccc, thanks for the suggestion on that, i am working on that now, was looking for an easier way, but this will work, and thanks
  12. Hello I am trying to create a 16 string 75 pixels per string 180 tree in the LOR se visualizer, but when i use the tree wizard, the limit is 50 pixels per strand, and i cant find a way to change it, i searched the forums but didnt find any answer, if anyone has thoughts or suggestions, it would be appreciated. I am using LOR 4.3.24 advanced, and the plan is each strand is a separate universe?
  13. Thanks very much, this will be my first year with lor and I am learn I bg so much from these forums and the kindness of this who share their hard work! Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  14. Would love to see a copy of this thanks Michaeltsheehan1@gmail.com Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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