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  1. My E131 pixel controller will not show up in network preferences or Advatek assistant. Red light is on and steady no green. I am plugged cat 5 direct to computer. computer ip is set to (I have a RGB screen on a E131 working fine) So I feel its in the controller. I am getting no yellow communication blinks from the cat5 ends. Yes I have tried several different cat 5 cables. Any ideas? it is to the mega tree in the middle of the show NOT GOOD
  2. JR I did convert Baby shark from a 24 to a 12 matrix. not too bad. I an working on Decorations but have not tested on the real screen. on ss it looks great. I am looking for I want a hippo for xmas to finish my new songs. Your help has been amazing. Would like the video of the conversion from tree to screen when you have time. Wolffy
  3. Can I run my RGB 16 strand Mega tree off a wireless module? I have a ccr screen too and would like to separate them across the drive. We currently run a LOR mega tree, & Shooting stars off the linker. Model RF-V5 LOR Easy Light Linker Thanks Shelly
  4. Looking for. singing faces. or matrix or 16 ribbon tree or LOR yard! Trying to put together any part of the sequence, falling behind on changing up my show. Baby shark is kicking my lack of experience BUTT! So now I am really behind Thanks in advance Shelly swolff@consolidated.net
  5. Jr Would love the singing face to baby shark ! swolff@consolidated.net p.s. I converted a 24 matrix to my 12 ccr screen and it looks pretty good!
  6. Thanks, I am having an issue with an E131 and in the instructions it confused me with the no wireless connection. I figured out. it means you have to use a cat 5 connection to the prop. not the network connection. which I know this is my 4th year. But maybe you can help. The power ( green light will not come on) the red is solid. So LOR sent me instruction but so far its not helping. Wolffy
  7. when the instruction say no wireless connections, They are just talking about the PROP to the Laptop Correct? Not the internet connection TO my laptop. Thanks
  8. Thanks James! Now to try to program the arches, LOR mega tree, & balasio poles lol YOU and JR are the best
  9. Do you have any 12 ccr screen sequences. I am working with JR on how to convert with super star. Thanks so much Wolffy
  10. Jeff would like baby shark sequence. My grand babies were singing it this weekend love to surprise them swolff@consolidated.net thanks so much wolffy
  11. The input height and destination #s. Is that the height & length of the screen? Just wanting to understand a bit of what I am doing. I will be getting several sequences from HS. They have a great selection to choose from.
  12. HS said the matrix would not convert to 12 ribbon ccr. But he did offer to sell me a matrix screen LOL, so now I am stumped. and No I know it has to be change but have never use SS yet. Wolffy
  13. I have several of their sequences. So do I buy the matrix sequence for my 12 ribbon ccr screen to convert right? not the 12 ribbon tree they offer. I feel I am getting dumber by the minute LOL
  14. Who is HS. Silly auto correct
  15. Don't shoot me...How is HS? On Ebay Boise-Chris ( Chris S ) youtube His matrix is 24 strands I think I was going to get hippo for xmas and want to build a snowman. Its so hard to find the rgb mega tree, ccr screen and the tree faces of the same song when you haven't master programing. Just didn't want to buy a $60 matrix only to find I can't use it ( convert it) Thanks so much for your help. Don't know how you get your show done with all you do here
  16. James me Too! Thanks so much for sharing! swolff@consolidated.net
  17. JR I have Super Star ( Have never used it yet) missed the expo where I planned to learn. So What do I need to look for? I have found a 24 matrix screen sequence, if I purchase it can I then convert it to 12? Thanks so much for the help already I everyone is getting busy
  18. I have 12 from them from Wow they are great.I am looking for some new for this season like Do you want to build a snowman, I want a hippopotamus, God bless American something to mix it up
  19. Needing a few new 12 ribbon ccr screen sequences. My goal is to learn how to sequence the RGB/CCR/DMX items I have by next year LOL Would be happy to share what I have & Buy what you have! Thanks, Wolffy
  20. I have a pixel issue I think. The graphic is not great, kind of recognizable but something off. Here's how I have it programed 4 universes Each universe has 3 ribbons labeled 1-150 151-300, 301 -450 I have them as RGB 50 pixels (the instructions said GBR) But when I look at the sequence editor it looks RGB. Any thoughts? Wolff
  21. OK I got everything fixed except a few of the sequences are not on time with music. I did load them by "sequence" rather than copy & paste. The ones that are not matching, is there anyway to adjust them? They are behind by about 7 to 10 seconds. Any help would be great Thanks Wolffy
  22. I will say JR, I did figure out one song the screen is upside down. I got very excited thinking I have it figured out. But after re coping & pasting one string at a time I realized that was not it. I think it has something to do with the lack of knowledge of CCR ribbon vs RGB tree we have. Now I have everything so jacked that my IP addresses are wrong & can't find the mega tree e131. So off to the barn to fix that then back to trying to program. I will save the screen sequences again & pay attention to the settings you suggested. Thanks Shelly, Wolffy
  23. Hey Scooter! I wasn't sure if I could add the screen by "sequence" because I have the RGB tree too. How will the sequence know which universe to use? I am really lost with this screen. Only one of the 12 songs remotely look like they are suppose to. I have cut & paste by time both using .05, (or is that not the timing)? I also can't figure the ccr ribbon screen is 12 strings, so I thought to set, I put it on universe 7, 50 pixels per unit. I am about to pay to fly you up here! Or kill Carl for buying things I don't know how to program. I will try to remember how to add by sequence and see if it works. Please let me know if I should try something else. ps It looks like the RGB tree & some of the screen are using the same universe, but when I check the settings they are different Thanks Wolffy
  24. Need help. I have an existing show, I added a cosmic ribbon screen. The music doesn't match the screen. I need to bump the screen sequence to the left about 15 seconds. What is the easiest way. Thanks Wolffy
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