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  1. I am in the same situation. I think I have figured this out, but will I need to set 48 channels to control this in LOR Software? 1-3 for each color on each of the 16 CCR? Is that correct?
  2. Also my first year. Would really appreciate any 16 channel pixel tree sequence. alblokhu@online.no
  3. Would love the pixel version. alblokhu@online.no
  4. If possible I would like a copy please. alblokhu@online.no
  5. My daughter would love this. If possible I would like a copy please. alblokhu@online.no
  6. Elo

    1602w - Control RGB

    Hi. I am all new to LOR. Bought 4 controllers of a guy that gave up. I have 4pcs of 1602w now (one with MP3 director as well). I am trying out to see if I can control RGB with these or just on/off function? I canĀ“t find the answer anywhere so I am guessing they can not? I will then extend with CCR. All the lights I got of him seems like they are "one color" leds (blue, red, yellow, rainbow, purple, regular).
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