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  1. If your still sharing id love a copy asamc@cableone.net Thanks
  2. It is a Gen 3 Did the reset moved the pin over to the right one pin re powered back up it blinked fast disconnected the power moved the pin back and powered back up plus hooked the data back up . It still wont change the ID It finds it now as 1 but I cant change it . On the light console I can turn the lights full on and off only no other command will work . On the select unit to configure it finds the unit as 01 - CTB16D Ver 4.T1 the only test that works is the chase sequence command . Should I just box it up and send it in to be checked out . Thanks Don
  3. Hi I'm having this same issue with one controller out of seven . It is the CTB16 Residential Series . I tried several times in the Hardware Utility and it still will not find it . The green status light does blink when unhooked and goes solid when data is hooked up . Is there a way to manual reset the board . Thanks Don
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