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  1. joe3502

    Input Device

    Dennis, if I may ask, were the buttons in use during the show? I want my show to keep going and when someone wants to press a button to turn on a group of channels, just as you did, did your show stop when someone began messing with them? That is how I would like to set mine up. I want mine to stop the show when someone is messing with the buttons and then when said person is done it returns either back to the beginning of the show or back to where it left off.
  2. joe3502

    Interactive buttons

    Thanks Jim! I will have to check out some of the other posts about the InputPup. I appreciate your time. Maybe Ill catch you on the air some day! 73, de KC3LMP
  3. joe3502

    Interactive buttons

    Hello everyone. I hope you all had a great thanksgiving this past Thursday! I debuted my show thanksgiving night. It is running smoothly so far. I got an InputPup from light o rama about 3 weeks ago and have been experimenting with it. I now have an idea of what I would like to do with it. I built a stand out of pallets and put a piece of plywood on top and stained it. I then put five 60mm colored arcade buttons on the piece of plywood to make my show interactive. I got all of the 12V lines to light the buttons up and got the buttons wired up to the InputPup. Now what I'd like to do is mainly for kids to mess around with. I have 5 buttons total at the moment and would like them to be assigned to an animation sequence containing certain channels in my display when they are pushed. I have already set this up in the Show Editor and it works fine without my show running. I would like my show to run at it's scheduled time and then when someone comes and pushes a button, the show stops at it's current place and the lights switch over to interactive mode. After someone is done messing with the interactive section (maybe after a 15 second delay), I would like the show to return to the place it stopped at. Is this possible to do? I know I explained it more that I needed to, but I wanted to show everything that I wanted to do.
  4. joe3502

    Power loss with 12 volt pixels

    I got rid of that cable and used Cat5 ethernet cable. Works flawlessly because it it data cable. Works good. That is what I figured. Thank you very much.
  5. I bought pixels and made 3 arcs today. I made my own extensions using 18 AWG 5 conductor air conditioning control wire I got new at Lowe's. I plugged them in and experienced some problems. They flash random colors but they are getting power nonetheless. I figured that I am getting power loss within the communication wire not the power. I tested the power wires (red and black) while they were plugged in and still got the 12.6V I was hoping to see. But, when I tested between the data wire (green) and the ground wire (black), while it had no load, was 0.345 VAC. When I plugged it into the pixels, it dropped to the millivolts range. I am ready to spend $40 on extensions on LORs website, but before I do I would like to know if anyone has suggestions
  6. Hello all, This is my second year of using light o rama and had thought of something that I thought would be cool and could fabricate easily. I would like to make Christmas lights go to the music by AC audio signals coming from a microphone source or an incoming audio source via 3.5mm jack or a 3 pin XLR or something. My Idea was to have a few microphones set up in my yard and have a few of my friends over to carol songs live with the lights dancing to us singing. I understand that this could be very advanced and complicated to do, that is, if it is possible. I researched and found nothing. I didn't know if there was a way or not and that Is why I came here.
  7. joe3502

    Pixie16 with CCR-II

    But I have the base unit of the Pixie16 set at 3 but the regular 16PC channels still control the pixels.
  8. joe3502

    Pixie16 with CCR-II

    So how to I keep the regular 16PC channels from controlling the first few pixels?
  9. joe3502

    Pixie16 with CCR-II

    My 2 16PC units are IDs 1 & 2 so I set my Pixie16 to unit ID 3. So I should maybe put it up to unit ID 5?
  10. joe3502

    Pixie16 with CCR-II

    So all I have to do is change the unit IDs? I set the base ID as 3 when I installed it.
  11. joe3502

    Pixie16 with CCR-II

    Do you know why when I am programming my pixels in the sequence editor that the pixels are controlled by the regular channels?
  12. joe3502

    Pixie16 with CCR-II

    I'm only using 4 at the moment. Always could get another one if necessary.
  13. joe3502

    Pixie16 with CCR-II

    Well I have a 40 amp 12-16 volt DC power supply and 14 awg RGB wire to run to all the lights so it should be able to handle it fine. I am not running them any further than 10 feet from the controller
  14. joe3502

    Pixie16 with CCR-II

    Ok thank you all for the help. I will just leave the CCR ribbon for next year and I will buy a controller for them next time there is a sale. I just kinda bought one ribbon to see what they look like. I liked them so I just hooked them up. They look great but I'll just buy another pixie4 or pixie8 for the CCRs.
  15. joe3502

    Pixie16 with CCR-II

    So there is absolutely nothing I can do about it? I can't make or buy a converter that will allow me to change the color order? Or should I just change the color when im sequencing to match the pixels.