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  1. joe3502

    Power loss with 12 volt pixels

    I got rid of that cable and used Cat5 ethernet cable. Works flawlessly because it it data cable. Works good. That is what I figured. Thank you very much.
  2. I bought pixels and made 3 arcs today. I made my own extensions using 18 AWG 5 conductor air conditioning control wire I got new at Lowe's. I plugged them in and experienced some problems. They flash random colors but they are getting power nonetheless. I figured that I am getting power loss within the communication wire not the power. I tested the power wires (red and black) while they were plugged in and still got the 12.6V I was hoping to see. But, when I tested between the data wire (green) and the ground wire (black), while it had no load, was 0.345 VAC. When I plugged it into the pixels, it dropped to the millivolts range. I am ready to spend $40 on extensions on LORs website, but before I do I would like to know if anyone has suggestions
  3. Hello all, This is my second year of using light o rama and had thought of something that I thought would be cool and could fabricate easily. I would like to make Christmas lights go to the music by AC audio signals coming from a microphone source or an incoming audio source via 3.5mm jack or a 3 pin XLR or something. My Idea was to have a few microphones set up in my yard and have a few of my friends over to carol songs live with the lights dancing to us singing. I understand that this could be very advanced and complicated to do, that is, if it is possible. I researched and found nothing. I didn't know if there was a way or not and that Is why I came here.
  4. joe3502

    Pixie16 with CCR-II

    But I have the base unit of the Pixie16 set at 3 but the regular 16PC channels still control the pixels.
  5. joe3502

    Pixie16 with CCR-II

    So how to I keep the regular 16PC channels from controlling the first few pixels?
  6. joe3502

    Pixie16 with CCR-II

    My 2 16PC units are IDs 1 & 2 so I set my Pixie16 to unit ID 3. So I should maybe put it up to unit ID 5?
  7. joe3502

    Pixie16 with CCR-II

    So all I have to do is change the unit IDs? I set the base ID as 3 when I installed it.
  8. joe3502

    Pixie16 with CCR-II

    Do you know why when I am programming my pixels in the sequence editor that the pixels are controlled by the regular channels?
  9. joe3502

    Pixie16 with CCR-II

    I'm only using 4 at the moment. Always could get another one if necessary.
  10. joe3502

    Pixie16 with CCR-II

    Well I have a 40 amp 12-16 volt DC power supply and 14 awg RGB wire to run to all the lights so it should be able to handle it fine. I am not running them any further than 10 feet from the controller
  11. joe3502

    Pixie16 with CCR-II

    Ok thank you all for the help. I will just leave the CCR ribbon for next year and I will buy a controller for them next time there is a sale. I just kinda bought one ribbon to see what they look like. I liked them so I just hooked them up. They look great but I'll just buy another pixie4 or pixie8 for the CCRs.
  12. joe3502

    Pixie16 with CCR-II

    So there is absolutely nothing I can do about it? I can't make or buy a converter that will allow me to change the color order? Or should I just change the color when im sequencing to match the pixels.
  13. joe3502

    Pixie16 with CCR-II

    They are both 2811ic's though. And JR I did set them to RGB and that makes no difference. The only thing that works is white, which is all three colors. I was wondering if there was a way to switch the order for just one port. Also, when I pull up the pixie configuration on the HU, the option to choose # of end-to-end CCR ribbons is greyed out.
  14. joe3502

    Pixie16 with CCR-II

    Hello! I just got into the RGB world recently and I just figured out everything. I ran into a problem and have heavily researched the subject for days without any luck. I have a Pixie16 with 3 sets of LORs 50 square smart pixels. Along with those, I have LORs CCR-II ribbon. They all work, except for the colors. The colors between each are different. All of the smart square pixels light up as they should (i.e. I set them to red and they turn red). All is good, right? Well, here is where I run into a problem. When I set all the strings to red, or blue, or green, the square smart pixels turn the color they should, but the CCR-II ribbons don't. The colors dont match and like I said I'm new to RGB so it could be something simple. Thank you for your time!