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  1. I'd also like a copy. Many thanks! romectxmas@gmail.com
  2. 2017 Display - Help me design!

    My wife really likes the idea of two snowmen having a snowball fight. I wish I could re-find the video of someone's display that had that animation. Essentially it was two snowmen with 2-3 arm positions and several ball positions that could be sequenced. I was thinking that if I went with some pixels I would free up one of my controllers to run that animation in the background as well.
  3. 2017 Display - Help me design!

    That is a result of a ladder accident 17 years ago... Two broken arms, foot, and a plethora of other ailments and my wife hasn't really relented on the ladder ban just yet... But I did get some new floods and a few other things I'm planning for the upper portion of the house.
  4. 2017 Display - Help me design!

    Thanks, I'm just not sure whether a 180 pixel tree would replace the mega or maybe I should try a matrix over the garage...
  5. So for next year I'm looking to dive into pixels and dumb rgb a bit for the first time. I have two dumb 8 (24) channel rgb controllers and am looking at the holiday Coro pre sale for either a pixel tree, or 16 channel (smart controller), or both? (Heck I'm open to all ideas) Last year was my first year and I went with the LOR setup bought through WoWlights. I purchased 5 sequences through them, so I have the rgb and mega tree sequencing if I decide to go with a pixel mega tree. The other 5 songs I took shared sequences and modified them just using SE so I'd have to figure out how to sequence pixels should I add the pixel tree or add the controller. I have a small display area because we are on a court and my piece of the "pie" in the front yard is the only display area I have. There is a little room on the other side of the driveway, but we often have a vehicle parked there which really divides it and doesn't give good continuity to a display (darn teenage drivers). We were thinking of adding the starbursts as seen in WoWlights and I could program those with the dumb rgb for this year, but I'm not set on that... My real question is what would you guys do? Would you eliminate the current mega tree and put up a pixel tree? Or would you add a pixel tree and if so, where? Would you instead go with a matrix? Over the garage, over the second story window, or??? I'm very thick skinned so feel free to make any suggestion on changes or additions, subtractions etc... I've also thought about getting rid of the current arches and making those pixel arches for better chases etc. Same with the Eve's. I just wish I had the confidence last year to start with pixels instead of starting with the basic setup, I'd have had a lot more cash to spend on what I wanted from the get go... Something that I hope anyone new test reads this considers. I'm thinking of approaching the neighbor to see if he will help pay for light linkers to put this display in his yard and I'd just start fresh with pixels... So if this were your canvas to paint on.... What would you do?
  6. Pixel String Question(s)

    How did you jump across the sidewalk out to the street side along your driveway?
  7. How is your display take-down coming along?

    It was a LOT more fun putting it up than taking it down. The front yard looks so bare now. Kind of depressing... It's all down, most stored away, just a few items that have to be stacked on racks above the garage door and many of the extension cords that I'm waiting for a slight warmup before I coil them to avoid cracks.
  8. Christmas 2016

    I guess I've just been assuming the 15-17' strips were too short to do the ccr tress I've been seeing since they all look so big. My wife really likes the ccr trees but I'd still like one of the pixel trees on the right. Is that one 32 strings in 360 degrees?
  9. How do you all put your controller boards out near the pixels? As I'm learning that they can't be too far away without null pixels for data purposes, it seems the real cost would be the waterproof enclosures, pigtails, etc. I couldn't even find the enclosures on the LOR website other than the AC 16 controllers. Or do you all just buy enclosures like those offered at holiday coro with the mounting board etc? Thanks.
  10. Christmas 2016

    With your tree on the right... Did you use pixels in the holiday coro black mounting straps? When I see the tree like yours on the left.. How tall is that and what are you using? Thanks, I just started this year and was all LED but like many I plan on venturing into the rgb/pixel world next year. So many options though...
  11. Channels 1-8 on Controller 1 are dead

    Where is the popcorn emoji when you need it?!
  12. CCR Issues with multiple networks

    I had to order the tester and crimping tool kit as I've not played around with the cables before. It is almost just as cheap to order them online these days. But with the way the CF50D case is, I can't pass a pre-made cable through to hook it up. Last night was the first night running the three floods. WOW are they bright. I need to relocate them just slightly as the inside of our house became a disco even with the blinds closed.
  13. keep some channels always on?

    I bet that is what he was trying to figure out. How to keep several channels on such as the Tune To sign while the command for everything off gets sent. I see sequences with the tune to sign on all the time and wondered about that myself. I happen to use a different timer setup for my tune to sign, but next year I'm going to add it to a channel. Just once or twice when I ran special hours for my shows based on school being out etc,, it was hard to keep the schedule and timer piston in sync.. Almost everything but LOR runs on the Smartthings platform in my home environment. I'm still trying to figure out what device type handler to create in order to integrate LOR... Anyone? Anyone? Buehler?
  14. CCR Issues with multiple networks

    I'm just setting up 4 of the CF50 floods and after reading through these forums kind of expected to have trouble with the CAT 5 connections. Sure enough out of the 8 pigtails, 2 of the pigtails won't pass a signal through and 1 is shorted out completely. When I hook anything to the last pigtail it takes out all of the floods... Since I have two of the floods with bad connectors I can only set up 3 of the floods until I fix the pigtails. I've never made Cat 5 cable or put ends on before but due to how they are routed through the casing, the only option is to put a new end on, or build a whole new cable anyway. I'll be heading to the store tomorrow to see if I can buy a good terminating/crimping tool for Cat5. Any suggestions on technique in building a Cat5 end? I'd bet Marty has a bad pigtail connection in some way... One of these floods was very intermittent at first, but wrong colors, off timing, etc. But when I started wiggling the pigtail it went away completely and hasn't come back. I was able to restore signal to the flood by disconnecting that pigtail entirely from the unit, as it was the one that was shorting and taking out the rest of the floods. But while I can make that one work now, since the other flood has a bad pigtail, I don't have a way to daisy chain the fourth... This is the first RGB I have added. I was strictly 48 channels of LEDs prior to this so I just daisy chained out of the CTB16PC but I don't have an extra port out to run to the 4th flood. Is it possible to use a switch or splitter with a usb/458 LOR dongle?
  15. CF50Ds malfunctioning

    Duckie - I don't have floods yet, but do you have the controller number set by the dip switches instead of just the hardware utility? If I understand correctly, when they lose power they will revert to the dip switch controller number if it was only set via the hardware utility. So it could be that when #3 was still working with the other two powered off, there was no conflict, but when you powered 1/2 back on then there was a controller # conflict...? Although that doesn't explain why it is still running fine and not found on the network. I'm interested in hearing what fixes things for you as I'm pretty sure I'm going to add the floods one way or another for next year.