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  1. kmdub44

    For Sale

    Yes. We bought in Oct 2016 and used Christmas 2016 and 2017. I love it, but just can't take it to Australia -- I think.
  2. kmdub44

    For Sale

    Light-O-Rama CTB16PC Controller Used twice; Excellent condition Love it! But, moving to Australia. In Puyallup, WA $100
  3. Thanks, Jim. Got it. Comm Port had picked up another setting. All good now. Thanks for the quick reply -- as you know, time is in charge with all of this. Next year, I'm starting in January. Thanks. Hopefully things will go ahead smoothly now. Regards, Kirk
  4. Hello -- still forging ahead. Yesterday Visualizer was working great -- I was able to run a sequence in Sequence Editor and see how it looks in Visualizer. It was suggested that I use the Show on Demand function to do a live rehearsal of the sequence. I upgraded to Basic Pro and began. I want to use Visualizer, but now can't because SE isn't linking to Vi. I now cannot link the Sequence Editor to Visualizer. In Sequence Editor, going to Play drop down and selecting Control Visualizer isn't working. It's dark, not greyed out, so it should go ahead, but nothing is happening. Control Lights, Control Holiday Lights Designer are equally unresponsive. They are dark, but don't do anything when I click them. Anyone able to assist? Much appreciated,. Kirk kmdub44@hotmail.com
  5. kmdub44

    Previewing a show

    Thanks, Z. Simple!! Kirk
  6. Hello. Head is full of info and the answer to this question is probably right in front of me. I've created sequences, previewed them in Visualizer all looks good. I've set up my hardware and lights. Without scheduling the show, can I simply preview any sequences through my actual light set up? If so.....any hints? Like I say -- it's probably right there in front of me. I appreciate any assistance. Kirk kmdub44@hotmail.com
  7. If this is still available, i'd love a copy. Thanks Kirk kmdub44@hotmail.com
  8. Just starting out -- gear to arrive in 3 days. I know I'm cutting things fine. But, I live on the edge. I've downloaded a couple of 16 channel sequences and adapted them to my lights mappings. Also working on my own sequence, but doubt how far I'll get, but ya never know. I'm starting small, with a 16 channel set up and would appreciate any sequences that anyone would care to share. Thanks heaps. Kirk kmdub44@hotmail.com
  9. We've purchased the 16 channel basic starter pack and are hoping we can get the show off the ground. We've also bought one of the packaged sequences that I'll use as a base line and then add our own simple on/off displays, for now. I'm a retired teacher (42 years) recently moved from Australia to Seattle area to check off a few bucket list items, with White/US Christmas being one. Hopefully this activity won't be too overwhelming for us. You'll be hearing from us.
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