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  1. sideshow

    Networking help

    So I have 2 controllers for regular bulbs & 2 pixie 16's controlling 2 trees. The entire show is on COM 5, regular network, 56k. If I play my sequence, the 2 controllers light correctly for my regular bulbs, NO PIXELS. If I change COM 5 to 500k and check enhanced LOR, my Pixels play correctly, but my regular bulb controllers do NOT. I'm a newbie, and this networking is a little confusing. Can someone help me mess my two problems together so they both light at the same time THANKS SO MUCH IN ADVANCE>
  2. I am so sorry, but like I said, I'm new to this. This is where I am, most likely need a little network setup help. I'm getting closer. My entire show is on port 5. I ended up changing the regular network to 500k and checked enhanced LOR. When I did this, the pixels finally ran but now my 2 REG LIGHT 16 channel each controllers don't respond. So maybe this is where the newbie in me is, I thought I could run whole show through the regular network? Do I need a switch? Do I need to use AUX A? If so, how do I tell the pixels to use that port? I'm a little lost here Sorry guys!
  3. Thanks everyone. k6ccc these are old Animated Lighting controllers that were converted to LOR. I'm not at home right now, but I can't remember if they have switches
  4. I have that, pixel editor, hardware, and sequence all running. Here are the screen shots of my channel configuration in se and pe. Thanks if you have any other info.
  5. So I switched to LOR and I'm new at this. I feel like I have followed the videos and help, but just missing something. I have two 16 channel controllers, one pixie16 for a tree, and a pixie16 for a small matrix. I have done my sequence in pixel editor and sequence editor. I have linked the pixel editor show to the sequence editor and see the props at the bottom. However, when I play the show...no pixels. I'm so confused on matching channels, what to call what, and where to call them that. Can anyone assist with that? Thanks in advance!!!
  6. I have two controllers that I set up in the hardware utility. Labeled 1 & the other 2. I refresh the utility, it shows 2 boxes found(1&2). As soon as I daisy chain the controllers together, play the sequence, unit 2 plays whatever unit 1 is playing, ignoring my sequence. This also happens if I power down and start them back up. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  7. Thanks guys. It doesn't appear to be an issue with the pixels being added to the editor. It's the issue that my network doesn't even see my pixie16's. I'll update to the latest software and give the a try. Thanks SO MUCH for advice.
  8. So I have 2 of the pixie 16d that i purchased, one for the tree and the other is 16 individual strands. i plug in both controllers individually through the 485 as instructed, auto confiture, select device id, and both boxes say unknown device, but it does say the appropriate unit id i gave them. any ideas? thanks in advance.
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