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  1. Thanks all for you help. I copied my sequence into a 2nd Show. Then in the Editor, I made sure all the lights were off at the end and just to make sure, I also selected the checkbox to turn all lights off after each sequence. I run my main show from 5:00pm-10:50pm. My 2nd show runs from 11:00pm-11:05pm. Then all the lights are off for the night. This is great, I get the light show I always wanted and my wife gets her static lights and seeing the house all light up at once. I can see this hobby becoming addictive!
  2. zvacman, I tried making an animation sequence because I didn't want the static light show to be to music, but that didn't work. I guess it has to be a musical sequence that runs after the first musical sequence. So then I tried to make a musical sequence without music, but it forces you to choose music. Are you guys just making a blank mp3 with no sound? Since I need it to be about 12 minutes, should it actually be that long or shorter and loop it? Brian Mitchell, I have the Basic Plus version of the software so I can't use the Shutdown feature (among other features). Its a good idea, I thought of it too. I just can't do it that way right now.
  3. I'm running 1 show that I purchased from the LOR sequence store. I wanted the show to run every 15 minutes and the lights to stay on static between shows. I made sure all the lights were on at the end of the sequence and unchecked the "turn light off at end" checkbox. Then I created a delay of 746 seconds before running the next show which takes me to 15 minutes before starting over. I have the show enabled in the scheduler to run from 5:00pm - 11:05pm. The show starts fine, but the lights stay on past the ending time of 11:05pm. Last night I had to turn them off manually at 1:30am. I've tried disabling all power save features and sleep modes in Windows XP. What could I be doing wrong?
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