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  1. Good I need to know how to configure the number of pixels in the Sequence Editor Thank you
  2. Goodnight. Thank you for the help you have given me, I send you my settings, there is something that I am not doing well with my Pixel 16. Very thankful Doc1.pdf Doc2.pdf
  3. Goodnight. At this time I have my Pixie 16 almost working, I just need to solve the following: I connect to the controller to test only a 100 pixel string on port 16 and they only do the 50 pixel sequence game, right up to the middle and I've watched tutorials etc ... and I can not get the 100 pixels to play . It would have something to do with Jumper 5 IC, would it have to be placed? Thanks again
  4. Good afternoon. I am a little disappointed, I have been watching tutorials for hours and hours to correctly configure the Pixie 16D driver and I do not get it, I have to admit that I still have a lot to learn in this exciting world as Christmas lighting. I put in background. I have designed a 16 string tree through the Pixel editor and I bought 16 smart 100 strings in ali express by DC12V string 12mm WS2811, and the following happens to me: 1.- The preferred Network configuration I have made it as the manual says. Port 5 to 500KB (Regular). 2.- Through the Hardware Utility I have configured the pixel number per port (100) and the resolution (50). 3.- I connect to the controller to test only a string of 100 pixels on port 16 and only 50 pixels are lit, right up to half. This happens as soon as the Enable Schedule command is activated through the control panel, and until it is disconnected, they do not turn off (the ignition does so as if the sequence was being executed (RGB). Doubts of operation: a) These controllers have to be loaded the sequence like the CTB ..... residential and they would work autonomously. Assuming no, it would be through the Sequence Editor and with the PC connected or with G3 MP3 mini Director. c) Jumper 5 IC should be placed with the pixels that I bought. Sorry for the long exposure and I would greatly appreciate your help. Thank you
  5. Thanks, Matt. I think the error was that when assigning the type to be controller in the previous step sequence editor to design the tree in the pixel editor I did not configure it as a LOR . I have already reconfigured it and now I have been able to download the sequence in the SD. Very thankful
  6. Hello Matt Brown, I'm sending the image. Thank you Problem.pdf
  7. Thanks Matt Brown. I still can not solve the problem, The most curious thing in all this is that with another type of sequence allows me, I have even downloaded one of its website Ligth-O-Rama and all right, I only have problems with those designed with the Pixel Editor. Thanks for the help
  8. Good afternoon. Again I need your help, I put you in background, I have designed a sequence through "Pixel Editor", this sequence is for a tree and I will use a PixCon16 driver. To move the sequence I will use a "mini-ShowTime uMP3g3" Director the case is that when I want to add the sequence through the "Hardware Utility" to store it in the SD I get a warning that says "There were no events foud in the file !. They could tell me what I am doing wrong, again thank you very much for your help.
  9. Thanks k6ccc for your invaluable help, I will check that measurement.
  10. Once you have collected your suggestions and technical data I will mount a tree with the controller Pixie Controller 16, the 16 outputs will support 100 pixel 2811 12V each. The question that arises to me at the time is the following will I need current injection? in the assumption that no fuses of the controller outputs will stand without melting? Thank you for your help
  11. Sorry the answer was for Vince4xmas question Thank you all again
  12. Thanks for the help. In regards to the question that "dibbljr" does to me I do not know what to answer, because I do not clearly dominate this field, my support is the tutorials and web videos. I am a teacher of a vocational training center, I have done with my students several works having used controllers like CTB16PC and the Pixcom16 DMX through the protocol E1.31. This year we want to mount a tree that is far enough away from the building for that reason to do the control through mini Show Director. Another question that arises is if the outputs will hold the 100 pixel without melting the fuse. Thank you for your invaluable help.
  13. Good afternoon I want to mount a tree of 16 x 100 pixel and I would like to know what kind of controller would be the most suitable to perform such assembly. 1st Option: - Pixie Controller 16 - 100 pixel 2811 12V. 2nd Option: - Controller, PixCon 16 - 100 pixel chain 2811 12V. In both cases they could be controlled from the mini Show Director Thanks in advance
  14. Good. Finally I have my Matrix screen in progress and it has been partly to the help received by the members of this forum. So my thanks, I only find on my screen a small problem and it is that the gifs that I have imported from some web page are somewhat blurred. On all those with white background, my question would be: Lowering the intensity would solve the problem ?. Thank you.
  15. Thank you very much for the help, solved
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