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    Soy profesor y estoy impartiendo ciclos formativos de grado medio y superior en Melilla Spain, todos los aƱos por Navidad engalonamos con mis alumnos nuestro centro educativo, para ello utilizamos sus controladores.
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  1. Fuses outputs

    Thanks k6ccc for your invaluable help, I will check that measurement.
  2. Fuses outputs

    Once you have collected your suggestions and technical data I will mount a tree with the controller Pixie Controller 16, the 16 outputs will support 100 pixel 2811 12V each. The question that arises to me at the time is the following will I need current injection? in the assumption that no fuses of the controller outputs will stand without melting? Thank you for your help
  3. controller type

    Sorry the answer was for Vince4xmas question Thank you all again
  4. controller type

    Thanks for the help. In regards to the question that "dibbljr" does to me I do not know what to answer, because I do not clearly dominate this field, my support is the tutorials and web videos. I am a teacher of a vocational training center, I have done with my students several works having used controllers like CTB16PC and the Pixcom16 DMX through the protocol E1.31. This year we want to mount a tree that is far enough away from the building for that reason to do the control through mini Show Director. Another question that arises is if the outputs will hold the 100 pixel without melting the fuse. Thank you for your invaluable help.
  5. controller type

    Good afternoon I want to mount a tree of 16 x 100 pixel and I would like to know what kind of controller would be the most suitable to perform such assembly. 1st Option: - Pixie Controller 16 - 100 pixel 2811 12V. 2nd Option: - Controller, PixCon 16 - 100 pixel chain 2811 12V. In both cases they could be controlled from the mini Show Director Thanks in advance
  6. Low intensity animated gif

    Good. Finally I have my Matrix screen in progress and it has been partly to the help received by the members of this forum. So my thanks, I only find on my screen a small problem and it is that the gifs that I have imported from some web page are somewhat blurred. On all those with white background, my question would be: Lowering the intensity would solve the problem ?. Thank you.
  7. Pixel led connection (RGB)

    Thank you very much for the help, solved
  8. Pixel led connection (RGB)

    Thank you for such a prompt response, I will check
  9. Hello, I do not know if it will be an unusual question in these forums with people so prepared. The case is that I have bought 11 pixel strings sandevice, I am building a matrix of 34 x 30 pixels, for that I use 15 outputs of Pix 16 with a pixel number per output of 68 (this kindly recommended by a forum member). I have cut the strings of 100 pixels in 68, so far so good, the problem comes when I have connected the leftovers of each chain to complete four strings of 68 for the outputs -12-13-14-15, + - data), but do not light up. So I guess something I have not taken into account, just can not connect? Thanks for your kindness.
  10. Fused 4A fused PixCon output 16

    I pick up your recommendation and use the 15 exits, Thanks for the help. Matrix would be of the following form: Matrix.pdf When configuring the 15 channels of the Pixcon 16 controller would have to change: Number of pixels at 68? Zig-Zag at 1? Group 1 to 15? Zig-Zag.pdf I apologize for the inconvenience but it is the first time that I use this driver and as you can see I'm getting started on it. Again I convey my thanks.
  11. n advance thank you for your cooperation, I will place you in the problem that I have. I am a teacher of an educational center in Spain I have acquired a controller Pixcon 16 E1.31 to control a matrix of 34 x 30 pixel, this makes a total of 1020 pixels distributed in 6 outputs of said controller. I made the program through the pixel editor light Rama and then sequenced it with The ShowTime Sequencing Suite (S4 Pro), so far everything is correct, the problem I have is that when I start the sequence, after 15 seconds the fuse of the 4 A output fuses, I have tried on several outputs and it does the same. At the output I connected you to test a string of 100 pixel led 2811 sandevice bought in ali expres, according to the characteristics of the controller says that you can connect up to 170 pixel. Please could you advise where the problem may be Thank you, sorry I do not know if it is in this forum where I can raise this problem. Thank you so much