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  1. awesome thanks - I was going to pull out your instructions again and step through them again. Maybe that will flesh out the problem. I know there are so many variables....wish it were easier for us non electrical engineers...
  2. hooked up to network - meaning I didn't originally have the pixie controller talking to my computer with the adapter (COMM7 and adapter - black one not red one - red one is on order but hasn't arrived yet!) and other end plugged into controller (so computer talking to controller) So to rule out a bad cable we tested the black adapter (I want to call it an RJ45 but not sure if that is right name) network cable to another controller and it worked fine). Testing it by trying to use the hardware utility and locating the controller box - doesn't work; tested by plugging all three controllers in sequence (only third controller is pixie) and running a sequence that worked fine last weekend. So when all three are connected - none of the lights comes on. If I disconnect the third controller (which is the pixie controller) my first two controllers work fine (meaning I am running a sequence). I find it interesting that connecting the pixie controller makes all three not work. Leads me to wonder if it is a network preference but then why would it have worked fine last weekend and why can't the hardware utility find the pixie controller). I did watch JR's video and that is how I actually got the pixie controller set up last weekend!!! It was a great step by step and a print out of the step by step actually made it in my official Pixel binder for future reference! Is there any reason why the red LED status light wouldn't come on but the Green power light does come on - could it be as simple as not having the Red HS adapter?
  3. So still working on adding my pixel arches - got everything to work great last week and set it all up to test my sequences - not sure what happened but controller isn't showing the red led light. We tried to reboot it - but unhooking everything and just putting on power and holding down the reset button and it wouldn't work 10 of the 11 times we tried. On one try it worked, flashed quickly then went to slow then nothing. Thought we didn't see the light b/c I didn't have it hooked up to the network, so tried hooking up to network and nothing happened. Hardware utility couldn't find it (and I had successfully had other controllers going to make sure comm ports etc were working fine but not hooked up on test when it reset). Then I unplugged the pixie and tested my 1 and 2 controllers (with regular lights) and they worked fine. Then plugged the network jack from the pixie controller into #2 controller and nothing worked. Even lights on controller 1 and 2. THat seems really odd. Why would plugging in the pixie controller make the other two controllers not work? unplugged the pixie controller from box #2 and they worked fine again. also when we plug in the pixie controller we see a small green light come on and it "clicks" but the red led light won't come on. Then when we unplug it, we hear it "click" again and the green light goes off but I can't get the status LED light to come on. Not sure what i'm doing wrong (also the hardware utility can't find the pixie controller anymore when it was working fine last weekend). Any help would be appreciated.
  4. I’ve been a newbie for a couple of years now and just started with pixels this year. Still struggling some but finally made a little progress. This is not a hobby for the faint hearted! The user forums and videos are the best place to get help! Good luck!
  5. So we finally got in our new controller and we got it to work today! The step by step instructions worked well to get it all set up! Now onto programming! Still trying to figure all of that out! Just starting with 4 arches! We have the rest of the house set up with regular lights and taking the pixels slow! Thanks for everyone's help! You guys provide such a wonderful service by helping all of us newbies!
  6. I'm having trouble setting up my new pixie16 controller. I've gone through the setup and think I have narrowed it down. I even reviewed the step by step set up in the user forum (which was very helpful so I think I've identitied the problem - I just don't know how to fix it). I'm on version 4.3.18Pro I updated firmware for pixel16D_V1-04 Am hooked up using the RS485 adapter directly to computer. My unit number is 3 - I did this on the dip switches so the hardware utility does communicate but I don't have any drop down boxes for the pixel type when I get to the config screen (screen shot below) and when I try to save it I get an error that says - unit did not respond to the option settings - retry command. I have manually tested my pixel strip and when I use the test button on the controller itself, the strip works great and cycles through colors for all pixels. If I try to test using the hardware utility it only lights up the first 33 pixels. If I run a "show" it will only run for the first 33 pixels on that strip. I believe it is b/c I can't get to the config option on the pixel type. But then if I get there i'm not even sure what my pixel type is - we got from ray wu… So I've narrowed it down - not sure why when the hardware utility finds the controller it says unknown device instead of pixel (like in video on forum) and why I don't get a drop down to select the pixel type and once I get the drop down how do I know what type of pixel type I have? I pulled paperwork and nothing looks right - so what is standard type? pixel questions screen shots.docx
  7. So we are expanding into RBG Pixels this year with leaping arches! We got the controller last Christmas and it is the Assembled 16 Pixel 12V box and we had the dangles installed. So we purchased kit from another company to help us with creating the arches and the dangles they provided don't fit the LOR dangles. We then ordered some different dangles from WOW lights and they don't fit either. I'm assuming if we can find the right size dangle then we can make it work, but I'm not sure what size or where to order the right parts - any ideas?
  8. Would like a copy as well. We have that song but haven’t programmed it for pixels yet. Mscannic@gmail.com. Thanks!
  9. Happened to us we had led bulbs but standard dimmer switches and we noticed it only happened on led lights w dimmer switch. Changed out dimmers to led dimmers. Also we did have separate circuits installed but that didn’t help til we changed out the dimmer switches. Typically only happened when shimmer or twinkle was on.
  10. That happened to us last year. Had to get a new sd card (pny 16 micro card from Walmart) it was either that or I realized I was trying to write the show without using the little black thing that comes with a controller. I just thought I could plug the sd card in the port on my computer. It is the sad card reader/ writer under accessories. Looks like it has changed since we got our original one. Good luck!!
  11. Well that didn't work either Going to go back to running it off of the computer for now.
  12. Well I was wrong - the songs played for about 45 minutes and then they cut off again! Just not sure what is causing the problem. We are now trying to just keep the 12 volt power in the mini director to see if that will help.
  13. LOR told me it was the firmware. I just updated and it is now working. See my thread for a few issues I had when trying to update firmware.
  14. Thought I would send an update - light o rama said I needed to update firmware on the mini director. So this morning I went to update firmware as outlined in their suggestion but I couldn't get the mini director to talk to the computer. I was using the USB485 connector we got with the minidirector. But then I noticed that the mini director red light wasn't coming on. So we searched the house high and low for something that had a 12 volt connector (sleep machines, harmony remotes, air diffusers nothing had it) and we finally found an old wireless nexgear router that had a 12 volt cable. Plugged that in, connected the computer to the mini director using the USB485 connector and updated the firmware and it works! I appreciate all of the help and support! This is not something for folks that aren't dedicated to see it through to the end! Below are instructions for updating firmware that I got from LOR if that helps. (PS we did also make sure we were using the correct SD card as noted by all of the helpful folks on this forum as well as suggested by LOR) we found a Lexar 16 GB from Walmart. A Light-O-Rama help desk staff member has replied to your request, #161208 with the following response: The red light should NOT be on when a show is running. It may occasionally randomly blink - indicating that there is too much data for the communications port, but it should not be 'ON' once the card is inserted AND the show is running. The issue you are describing is most likely due to a bad firmware loaded onto your G3 device. The 5.28 firmware for the G3-MP3 and uMP3 directors could occasionally skip songs or otherwise refuse to send lighting commands/audio properly. To determine if you have a Generation 3 director, check the markings on the front of the director. Both directors are clearly marked if they are G3 or not. The Dual Network G3-MP3 Director is clearly marked on the upper left, and the uMP3 director is marked just above the SD card slot. If you do not see the G3 markings, please let us know so we can continue to diagnose your issue. If you do have a G3 device, you should update the firmware on it version 5.32 or higher. All of our firmware downloads can be found on our firmware download page: http://www1.lightorama.com/firmware-updates/ To update the firmware, please consult the help documentation: http://www.lightorama.com/help/firmware_updates.htm We hope this has sufficiently answered your questions. If not, please login to your account at the address below for a complete archive of all your help desk requests and responses.
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