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  1. Best UV lighting

    I am looking to invest in UV lighting that can be placed on my roof that can be used with a 16 channel residential controller. Suggestions please
  2. Uma Thurman and Immortals

    were you able to find out how to correctly sequence the face. I currently have the same set up and problem. I am new and do not know how to sequence the face, but can do the lights to music. if so please share...
  3. Sequencing Pumpkin Face-Need help

    SOS need help. I am new to LOR and have enjoyed sequencing my lights to music. now I need some help/guidance on how to set up/sequence the face movements with my lights. I have a 16 residential control box. I have designated 7 lines for the pumpkin face, but am stuck trying to figure out going forward. anyone's help is greatly appreciated.