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  1. 16x25 Pixel Tree issue with visualizer

    This is a cut and paste from what was sent to me. I did it exactly as stated and it solved my problems To do a tree with 16 bundles and 25 pixels per bundle, in the tree wizard set things as follows: 360 degree Counter-Clockwise First Bundle Location - Left Type of Channel Bundles / Fixtures - CCR Edge to Center/Center To Edge Pixels Per Bundle (CCR/DMX Pixels) - 25 Number of Bundles / Fixtures - 16 You will then want to run the channel wizard. For each bundle check the starting pixel and the unit ID. The wizard increments the unit ID on every bundle, but you want the same unit ID for each pair of bundles.
  2. 16x25 Pixel Tree issue with visualizer

    I would love to. I have it saved on my work computer. I am away for a week and a half for work though. I will copy and paste the message here as soon as I get back in the office
  3. 16x25 Pixel Tree issue with visualizer

    I messaged light o rama support and Brian Bruderer solved this for me in just a few seconds. It now shows up properly in visulizer and loads into superstar perfectly. Let me know if you want me to forward Brians message to you he sent me
  4. Need a little help with the pixel tree I was just sent from LOR. I have the 16x25 pixel tree and cannot seem to get it right with visualizer. I can use the pixel editor and set it up right with the 8 bundles with the one fold so it is 25 pixels per row. I cannot get the visualizer to work right. it seems no matter what i do it still shows up with just 8 rows. Could anyone help? I have been searching through the forums and if someone else answered this already i must have missed it. I have been watching every video tutorial i could find but have not had much luck figuring this out. I am sure it is something simple but i have spent hours trying to figure this out and I feel very dumb.