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  1. I am sorry of this question has been asked before, but I here it goes. First, some background. I have been using LOR for 5 years now. As many did, I started with 4 controllers and a lot of incandescent lights. The system has grown nicely as I wanted to do more and I expanded to 7 of the 16 channel standard controllers, plus last years i added 7 cosmic color flood lamps. Everything ran fantastic, my neighbors loved it and I drew quite the crowds. Now, I have relocated from California to Texas. A new home and time for something different to add. At the sale before last I purchased 2 Plug and Show Pixel Trees plus 4 of the cosmic color strings with 100 pixels. Not sure what I am doing with the 100 pixels strings yet other than making some mini trees. My big question is how much effort, cost, challenges will have I have if I want to outline my gutters with pixels. I have about 100' of gutters to mount the lights on for street facing (with plans to eventually outline another 100 feet in the future plus the roof line. Also I am consider running 9 eight foot verticals at all the corners. I also want to build rigs to outline my windows which will leave me with some custom lengths of pixels. Maybe this is really easy to do, but I am anxious. This is where I have no idea what I even need to buy. Can I do a 100' run of pixels? do I have to break it up? Is this DIY or out of the box ready? I love the decorating and set up and limited programming, but I would really love to simplify my power runs by doing this pixel run. Guidance is welcome. A shopping list would be even better. Please help me take my display to the next level in my new home. I need the guidance. Worst case I repeat what I have done before with four strand of lights for each run. Jim Hauck Dallas, Texas
  2. Last year was my first year with LOR and I had about 25 songs. I created different shows for different nights with the longest show being about 25 minutes. I am a big fan of creating dark space. I dont want things running non-stop So an average if I want a show every 30 minutes the show length can not be more than 15 minutes. I also have shows for low key and quieter evenings like Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, I have a mid-week excitement show Wednesday and Thursday, and then on Friday and Saturday I go full bore withy everything randomized into full shows. On Christmas even I run non-stop and Christmas days as well. When the shows do not run I first black out and start slow fading patterns but never turn everything on until the show and keep some features just for the show. I also had songs I did not incorporate until later in the season. I gave people a reason to come back over and over. Having worked on productions and in night clubs that was always my approach to lighting. Build, climax, drop build more, climax bigger and edge the excitement up to the big blow out on Christmas.
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