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  1. Wow, odd to say the least. Well, I'm glad you got it going. I'm working away on sequences and putting my show together. Cheers!!! ?
  2. Did you attempt to delete 4.3.36 through Add/Remove programs in W 10, or the install, repair, modify? (I read somewhere in a thread that one should delete it through "Add or Remove Program" through the System Settings interface). Did the RegWipe give you the 'error box' were you getting? Just curious... Glad you got her working!!! ?? 2
  3. Here's the link(s) to the Registry Wipe. Best of luck to you! Let us know if this works for you... http://www1.lightorama.com/downloads/5.1.2/LORRegistryWipe.exe http://www1.lightorama.com/downloads/4.3.34/LORRegistryWipe.exe ?
  4. Okay, I got the SE working again on my desktop. Here's what I did: I uninstalled LOR from the Add/Remove programs I ran the LOR Registry Wipe utility AND included removal of my license number Rebooted Checked and, yes the Registry Wipe worked I downloaded the latest version of the LOR suite 4.3.36 & chose 'Run as Administrator' for the install file. After install, I launched SE and it wouldn't load the sequence that I had saved in the 'sequences' directory on my C drive (where I specify the sequences to save) I copied the known "working" sequence from my laptop (also serves as sequence files backup) on to a flash drive and loaded into the 'sequences' directory on the desktop (*. lms files) Found the 'new' file, opened it and ... voila, I'm back up and running on the desktop (btw, much quicker load time than I remember). I'm going to keep my fingers crossed and as I get down to work here. I hope that this may be of some help. ? bEcK ??
  5. That was a lot easier than entering a trouble ticket. THANK YOU! ?
  6. Greetings, Just piping in. I was having the same problems on my desktop from sequences I did last year. The same sequences ran fine on my laptop which is dedicated to the display. On the desktop, the sequences were 'hanging up' or taking forever to load. I went ahead and updated to S5 and have tried two sequences and they are working, BUT now I have to get up to speed on the S5 Sequencer if I want to have this thing running on my desktop. Best wishes and best of luck... and I'll be watching this thread to see if you find the fix. LOR Feature Level: ProSuperStar Feature Level: 2_CCRMax Version: 5.6.* (and any future versions released by November 13, 2018)
  7. This was the key issue to get the DMX working in the Visualizer. You have to launch the LOR Control Panel, which in turn starts the Comm Listener for DMX to display in the Visualizer. Thanks again, k6ccc!
  8. I think what we discovered here is that LOR only recognizes WMV files. As long as they are the basis for the sequence it will play on the external monitor as desired. Hope this helps anyone trying to do the same thing! Merry Christmas all!
  9. ND, thanks. I maxed out my daily limit of thank you trophy's today. I so do appreciate you gentlemen helping me out!
  10. Okay, good news! I went into the Advanced Network Configurator and changed the COM port to #3 (which is the one specified on my "Build Computer") and checked each RGB channel in my 8 floods and they now all work in the Visualizer! THANK YOU GUYS for the help. I'm learning and really do appreciate your help! If you drink, have a virtual beer on me! Merry Christmas, Jeff
  11. I haven't purchased a DMX controller yet. I was hoping I could sequence a show, see it in the Visualizer on my one PC and then once I'm happy with it move it over to my pc dedicated to running my show. Then I would have the DMX controller running on the show computer. Can DMX sequences be set to communicate via the "Build PC" by way of the COM port then? Serial as you say?
  12. It's been said there is no question that is dumb. Well, maybe in my case there is! No problem. I'm just trying to tackle the Visualizer issue so I can see my DMX Floods to sequence them. I believe the IP address comes into play when I add the sequence to my "Show" computer. That unit is a new laptop I just got and am dedicating it to my show. It's running the R485 via USB that controls the LOR units. The quartet of HolidayCoro trees I have is utilizing 32 channels of course. I haven't configured the laptop to run the DMX controller yet. Does that make sense? Thanks, Jeff
  13. I see that the DMX is set to an IP address. Perhaps that is what needs to be configured on my "build" and then show computer? Or, would it be the COMM listener port? Thanks, Jeff
  14. I'll check that Jim. Sorry, I tried to pick the best discussion area. I'm a newbie. The notice on each kind of conflicted on where to post. I have the network configuration settings to DMX universe, and all channels set. I'll check the Comm Listener. Thank you so much for your help! Jeff
  15. I'll add that I'm just trying right now to get the Visualizer to display the RGB Floods so I can sequence them. They are not displaying in the Visualizer like the LOR channels are.
  16. Yes, I'm doing the sequences on one computer and then ship them out to my dedicated laptop for the show.
  17. Greetings all, I am trying to add 8 Dumb RGB Floods as a DMX Universe in the SE and Vi software (for visualization in the Visualizer only at this point) in a sequence I am editing. I've added the 8 floods into the SE and they are all RGB, giving me 24 circuits (correct?). I have drawn in the 8 floods in the Visualizer using the "Draw Floods" option in the toolbar. I assigned them I believe properly in the RGB Channel settings, and when I run the SE they show "ON" or Fade, etc. However, they do not display in the Visualizer. I have other props in the sequence which are assigned to LOR 16 channel controllers and they display in the Vi properly. This is my first "experiment" with DMX. I've watched video's, read, etc., etc., but like others, I may be overlooking the obvious. Any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!
  18. Alan, Hats off to you bro. Yes, I'll check those out. Thanks! I've been doing video/multimedia as a hobby/job at times since HS. That's about 40+ years now! I've gone from linear to non-linear, and now using the computer to do sequencing. It fascinates me (and blows others away when they see it). I've always wanted to put together the three elements (lights, sound & video) for Christmas. I just checked it out on props which I still have to finish up! It looked pretty cool. Perhaps, I'll add another controller and get some floods and other goodies. lol My show will be really nothing compared to what I've seen, but it will be fun. THANKS AGAIN!!!
  19. Okay, SOLVED... The video file, with audio, does have to be a WMV file to work solely on the laptop. My desktop has a Nivida GTX 1080 card. It has more video outputs, therefore I could run a separate cable to the projector. I just have to do some little timing adjustments. My first attempt was my own singing Christmas trees sequence, the video, and all other lights (48 channels thus far). I thought I'd tackle the most difficult and work my way back. HA! Thanks for the suggestions and help. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
  20. Hey default, I've been thinking it's a driver or compatibility issue or something like you suggest. That's my next try. I'm going to export the video into WMV format, ship it on over to the laptop and see what happens. Thanks for the suggestions!
  21. I'll add, when creating the sequence on my desktop pc, I selected the main monitor and it plays. I've tried the same on the laptop and the sequence plays but the video does not show even when disconnected from the projector.
  22. Hi Alan, Yes, the laptop sees it and the display setting on the laptop is "identical." I've tried "extend, etc." but no difference. BTW, I've been trying this just from running in the SE, but am going to make a scheduled test show with just the one animation and try that. Thank you guys for your help!
  23. Yes, both video and audio. I have an edited file that I did in video editing program and exported the file. I'm assuming MP4 works?? as it does play, however, I can export into numerous formats. Thanks for the quick response by the way!
  24. Greetings all, I have the latest PRO level of the software suite. I've created several sequences in the Sequence Editor (SE) that have video files (WMV) associated with the video that I have triggered to play when the software plays the sequence. I have a desktop pc that I have done the initial sequencing in. It has two monitors, so I can get the sequence based on the video to work/display properly. I've chosen the second monitor I have in that setup to display the video on it (as it prompts in the SE software, after setting video preferences). I then just copy my sequences and audio/video files over to a new laptop that I want to dedicate to running my show. My issue is with the new laptop, which has an HDMI output that I am running into a "short throw" projector. When I start the sequence, with the video file, the sequence plays, audio and all. However, the video does not project to the projector. I checked "video preferences" in the SE and it's selected yet the video does not automatically display on the projector. Before creating a number of sequences, using a video which I've edited in other software, I'm hoping to resolve this. I've looked everywhere but in the .pdf handbook and there is very little support. I found one video online that explained how to add video, but it didn't discuss or show how to set it up. I've noticed several posters in the forum that say they have video sequences in their shows, but again the explanation of how to do it off the laptop running one's show, I haven't found. So I'm throwing my issue out to see if I can find some help and answers from others who have incorporated video into their sequencing. Thank you in advance!
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