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  1. I cannot open my Sequence Editor at all. When I try to open it it pops up a "Automation error", click ok and it pops up, "Runtime error 440 Automation Error" click ok and it pops up "Runtime 0 Error" click ok and then it says your software may be out of date but when I go to LOR it says I am up to date and don't need to download an update. Can anyone help me with this, please?
  2. And their hobby is one and done, we can at least watch ours for a month or so.
  3. You can build the tree for around $750.00 (plus tree materials, pole, concrete, etc.)using the set-up I have, it will go up as you add pixels and have to have additional powersupplies and controllers. 18 - 50 RGB Pixel strands = approx $420.00 Power Supply = approx $60.00 Controller = approx $180.00
  4. You need to look into Nutcracker it's very simple and it works well, you make the effect and then export it to LOR. It is a very good program.
  5. It's not hard to do, it just takes a little time and unfortunately some money, but if you do it a little at a time and spread it out over the year it's not too bad.
  6. There are several people on here that have added new plugs to have enough to run all of their controllers, if you have a newer house it will have all exterior plugs run through a GFCI but if you add additional plugs those need to be GFCI's as well. The Controllers then plug into the GFCI's and if something happens it will pop the GFCI like I had this year when a earthworm met it's fate by crawling up one of my cords and into the controller. He was turned into a crispy critter, which also popped my GFCI, after that was all cleaned up I reset the GFCI and everything was back to normal.
  7. When your display grows to several channels you will place controllers as close to your display items as possible. I have 12 LOR controllers and 1 DMX controller so you just have to try to group items as close to each other as possible and make efficient use of your controllers and display items. I don't even want to go into how much cord I use on our display.
  8. I have waited a couple more weeks before to see if they were going to do an inventory reduction sale, every little bit saved can be more for you to use somewhere else. It looks like you have done your research and are ready to jump in, it is a blast watching the results. Just remember to have fun and involve the family.
  9. I took 2 PVC pipes, and 2 couplers and bent them around to make a circle that is laid on the ground. The lights are attached to it at the bottom they go to the top and back down and are attached at the bottom again. The tree shape is basically like cutting a cone shape in half, the lights on the left and right sides are across from each other (maybe just just a little closer to 190 degrees rather than exactly straight across).
  10. RGB Lights (900 RGB Lights) = $420.00 Meanwell Powersupply (2) 350 Watt (1 was just a back-up) = $110.00 Controller = $180.00 LOR Update = $30.00 Tree components (Poles, coupler, concrete, topper, guide wire = $100.00-120.00 I am guessing around $840.00 - 860.00 I don't like adding all this stuff up, it makes me realize exactly how much we spend on this crazy hobby. I guess that's why we hate to take it down at the end of the season, we want the season to last longer to get more usage out of everything.
  11. Using Nutcracker with LOR it was fairly simple. The lights on the house are all individual strands, every bush, tree, icicle has individual strands which are white, blue, red, and green so each color can be turned on and off individually.
  12. I used Nutcracker which is converted to use with LOR S3 and my RGB Pixels are 2811's from Ray Wu. I have used LOR for years and currently use 12 LOR controllers but their RGB products were just a little to expensive for me, that's why I had to go with another option.
  13. Yeah the Techno Carol of the Bells is our favorite.
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