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  1. They're all LEDs...the 3 way tap sounds like a great option. Thank you both!
  2. Can I plug both controller power plugs into a surge protector located near the controller or do I have to run 2 extension cords to an outlet?
  3. Exactly what I'm looking for if you're still sharing! Thanks in advance!! langeb2@gmail.com
  4. I would really appreciate a copy any Charlie Brown Christmas. I just purchased a 16 channel and am just getting starting in the LOR world and this would be a great starting point if anyone is able. Thanks in advance! langeb2@gmail.com
  5. I would really appreciate a copy of both. I'm just starting in LOR and this would be a great starting point if you have time. Thanks in advance! langeb2@gmail.com
  6. I would really appreciate a copy of all if possible. I'm just starting in the LOR world and expecting my 16 channel in the mail this week...running out of time. Thanks for your time! langeb2@gmail.com
  7. Thanks all! I needed up buying the SPK-ST generic starter kit w/ basic plus software. I've downloaded the software and will now attempt to find a sequence on the forum. Is getting a pre-made sequence as easy as copy and paste? Wish me luck!
  8. Thanks all... I realize it's too late for a big show. I plan on just a basic show for this year using pre-made sequences and without sound. So if I'm unstranding this correctly, at the very minimum I'll need: For computer set up...computer connected via Cat 6 to controller? For "director" set up...director (how does it connect?) to controller? philnuffer mentioned a "dongle"...what's the description? what's it for? DownTown...what software would be best to start with? Where to buy? Does the controller not come with pre-installed software? Some additional general questions... Thinking about using a raspberry pi 3 for the "brains". Does anyone else use this set up? would you recommend over the Mini Director? what else is needed for this type of set up? I've seen talk of licenses...What are they? Is a license a must? What license(s) do I need? I realize this is a lot of questions aND are probably very subjective, but I would really appreciate any help that would point me in the right direction. Thanks again for the help...I know everyone is busy right now.
  9. Hello all! I recently decided to delve into the animated light show world. I just purchased a LOR 16 channel controller and I have the lights that I intend on using to start until I add on (LEDs). What else do I need to have a basic light show this year?
  10. Hello...brand new to the animated light world. While I have many, many questions, I'll start here with this one. So...if regular (led/incan) lights work fine, what is the advantage of pixels?
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