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  1. depending on the price, sell me your extra bulbs 🤣 I have extra covers (with seals) and screws for the CCP's if you need to work out a little "deal"
  2. I'll take them, just saw the pictures... I need a shipping quote as well.
  3. the CCP strings are the 4 wire 5v correct with the factory 4 pin connector?
  4. Sounds good, just let me know where to send the money
  5. I'll take the used 18 ea male and 18ea female. Shipping to Grantsville, MD 21536 what the total cost?
  6. CFOL leads new black or white still available? looking for 18 of male and 18 female color does not matter as long as they all match
  7. are these the 5v 3 or 4 wire ribbons?
  8. Just so I understand correctly, how much are you asking and are the pig tails included?
  9. Been thinking about doing the same thing next year, been looking all over the place for a sample. In your experience did they work well over a wider area of the roof or better for tighter area's?
  10. Does the Pixie have the plug in's included as well? What the shipping cost for 1 to Grantsville, MD 21536?
  11. That's why I got the UV coated wire. I hope it lasts longer then a few years....
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