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  1. I have 12v 50 count as well. I plugged 100 of them into channel 1 of my Pixie 16 and pressed the test button - Only 50 light up. It is my understanding there is some sort of factory installed "jump" that prohibits me from configuring the unit to run 100 pixels per channel. I was hoping someone was familiar with this so I didn't have to wait until Monday to call. When I adjust the voltage on the power supply, all 100 light up so I know there is plenty of power.
  2. The config option in Hardware Utility is ghosted not giving the option to configure the controllers from 50 to 100. The manual states a jump has been installed if the config tool is not available. I need to know how to remove the jump
  3. I bought a few Pixie(4)(8)(16) controllers this year. After reading the instructions provided, I've found that they all have the "factory installed jump" limiting the channels to 50 pixels. Are there any "how to" videos out there to assist with the removal? Thanks in advance
  4. So, I gave in this year and decided to go big. Or at least probably bigger than I should have started with. Bought 10 standard 16 channel controllers and a city of lights. Haven't had any problems setting everything up. Timing consuming, yes.... But getting it done. I purchased a pixie16 and 16 strands of pixels and am contemplating incorporating something small into my show. For giggles, I created a leaping arch in PE but, for the life of me, can't figure out why I can't view, open, or play it in SE. I opened an existing sequence from SE in PE... Even created a new channel in the file prior to doing so. Added 6 leaps in PE, saved as, and then saved intensity file. Went to SE and nothing shows other than the original file and a copy with "lms" as the extension. Neither show anything other than what I had original created in SE. Am I missing something? I know you all are working hard on your awesome shows, but if someone could tell me what I am missing, I would greatly appreciate it! Now, off to fix all the props that were damaged from the 50 mph winds we have been having over the last 8 hrs....
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