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  1. Looking for sequence FOR 16 CHANNELS....YES i AM NEW..... Music Box Dancer Oh Holy NIght Walking in the Winterwonderland Most Wonderful Time of the year Holly Jolly Christmas Do you hear what I hear? Carol of the Bells. I appreciate any of these songs.. EMAIL TO MULLIKIN11842@YAHOO.COM Thanks and Merry Christmas........... lORI
  2. Hi, I am looking for Joy to the World, Most Wonderful time of the year, Deck the Halls, Holly Jolly Christmas and Wizards in Winter for 16 channels.......I would appreciate any songs 16 channel songs for church program. please send to mullikin11842@yahoo.com Thanks and Merry Christmas
  3. Thank you guys! Wow...Alot to learn. IS THERE more options besides twinkle, fade and flash...... HOW do you get them to chase each other....for like a tree? in circle
  4. Looking for Go Tell it on the Mountain and Joy to the World for 16 channels please email LOR to mullikin11842@yahoo.com Merry Christmas Thanks Lori Thanks
  5. Is there a video on copying and pasting sequence? I need 16 channel directions. Is it best to copy by cell or by time? also when I click COPY button... do you create a new musical sequence and paste it there. I mean if someone sends you a larger sequence than you have but you would like to copy part or theirs from their show is that possible?
  6. I would like to have it too.. for 16 channels mullikin11842@yahoo.com
  7. Is there a video for copying and pasting sequence? is it best to copy and paste by cells or timing? I click the copy button and then do you create new sequence and try to paste it but I lose the paste part......... need your wisdom
  8. Does anyone have a the song a Hallelujah Christmas by Cloverton? 16 channels? Thanks
  9. Hello, Can I get this for 16 channels? Mullikin11842@yahoo.com Thanks Merry Christmas
  10. Wow! Thank you so much! I appreciate your help!!!!!!
  11. I have a 16 channel Light-O-Rama, running regular lights and some Led's. I do not know how to copy and paste files into my display. I do know how to copy and paste but not into the sequence editor software? I would like some songs just to see how it works. I guess you can create your own sequence by uploading a regular mp3 file? I would like Away in a manger, Oh holy night, or Silent Night. How many songs do people usually play in a show?
  12. Hello, I am just getting started and would appreciate all the help I can get with sequences. I need some songs to get me started and would appreciate all help and advice. Thank you very much I would like Amazing Grace Rock Around Christmas Tree Jingle Bells Hark the Herald Angels Sing Snoopy and Red Baron my email is mullikin11842@yahoo.com Thanks and Merry Christmas
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