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  1. Anybody? I currently have LOR Advanced (up to 3.8) with superstar 4_CCR that I no longer use. I would love to be able to sell to someone for a good deal to jump start them into LOR.
  2.   I know this is an old thread, but is this still the case with being able to sell/transfer a license? Thank you.
  3. I really like this idea, just don't think I want these broom clips sticking out of my house all year long. Do you paint them? Remove them?
  4. I went to Lowes and got a 5 foot length of pex tube and tested it out with a ccr, it looks pretty cool. We are going to use it to do 6 mini arches.
  5. Thanks for those links. I think I'm going to play around with this stuff.
  6. It's never too late to start! You will end up thinking "man, I wish I started earlier so I could also do this and this" but that goes for anytime you start! Just make a list of things you want to add/change for next year. You could use a boombox if it has an input. you would then connect the pc out to the boombox. The difficulty in sequencing shows varies between people and what you have. With 12 different sources that should not be very hard once you get comfortable with the software. There are a lot of videos out there and the community here is great for help.
  7. vincerules


    I use this amplifier with these speakers. Connected them with speaker wire from monoprice. Works great, plenty of sound for my yard.
  8. How much grab space do you need on the bricks? Mine are pretty flush
  9. Nice location! You can include the trees, also lights up and down the porch supports. Plenty of room on the grass for mini trees and/or arches. I think you should decide what your budget is for this year. You said the word cheap a number of times, but cheap is different for everyone. Also keep in mind you will probably go a "little" over budget like a lot of us do :-)
  10. I'm planning doing this soon.after some googling I found a lot of people suggest krylon x-metals.
  11. I would love to save some money, the Meanwell sp-320-12's are $65 before tax/shipping. I am starting to read more and more positive things about Ray Wu's units. Have you, or do you know of someone, that has used Ray's for multiple years? I like saving money, but would rather not have to keep replacing units if they aren't good for long term. But then again, you can get 3 for the price of 1 and only using them for a couple months a year they "should" last for a while. Decisions, Decisions.
  12. I'm planning on getting some Meanwell SP series power supplies from Jameco.com. They have the best prices that I have been able to find and they seem like a good company to order from in the states.
  13. I like the ideas of your security wire suggestion. I have seen this on other sites, but nobody ever says what is a good gauge to use. For power only from the power supply to the pixel strings (not for the mains). Would 18 be good or 16? If 18 then I think i will go with this from monoprice http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=102&cp_id=10239&cs_id=1023904&p_id=4046&seq=1&format=2 $24 for 250' Yea, that is my question about how did you connect the power. Do you have it hardwired? I plan on using 2811 strips (which are 3 wires) and I am thinking of using a combo of the 2 core and 3 core waterproof connectors from Ray. I will use the 3 core for the power from the power supply and the 2 core to pass on the data between the strips. This way there will be no chance of connecting the wrong things to each other. So I will connect to strips directly to each other and then power connectors will run behind straight from the power supply. That way everything is easy to take a part and change or add to if needed.
  14. Are you talking about the Ray Wu connectors that Jeff linked to? They are 4 pin connectors but they are not power, ground, data and clock. They are 4 wires that can be used for anything you want. The 2811's are only 3 wires, which means one of the 4 on the connector will not be used.
  15. I plan on using the same connectors Jeff linked to from Ray Wu. Jeff, do you have a pic showing how you inject power? I am thinking of using a combo of two of those connectors at power injection points, with one going from the previous 2811 line and the other with the +V -V from the PS.
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