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  1. I would also like to get a copy James. timd31610@gmail.com Thank you!
  2. I would also like to get a copy James. timd31610@gmail.com Thank you!
  3. I am beyond annoyed, was watching my show last night and noticed that at least 2 of the strands on my tree seem to be reversed. This morning I opened the HU to try to turn on the strands one at a time to verify order and it doesn't work again. Same messages as before. Literally nothing has changed! I don't understand. After some troubleshooting and finding nothing, the HU recognizes that a controller is connected to Comm 3 but it says 2 controllers found and both are Unknown Device ???. I have tried everything I can think of and am at a loss. I randomly get the error below when I click refresh under configure. I did receive my new Pixie 16 today and it is recognized with no issues. Could I have a bad controller?
  4. I only bought 2 so I am good for the moment. Now just to wait for the spare board for testing, I am not plugging them back in to the current setup, don't need it going out again.
  5. They do use the standard connector. I have pigtails coming out of my controller box and plugged them both directly in and one did nothing, the other flashed red mor less than a second and thats when my entire display shut down. I didn't have any extensions connected so only about 12" of cable including connectors. Do they appear to the controller as a single pixel each? Is there anything I need to change in setup for them to work properly? Thanks for the help so far!
  6. Here are the floods. http://www.holidaycoro.com/10-Watt-RGB-Pixel-Flood-Light-p/169.htm I just ordered another Pixie 16 so I will have a spare for testing these and for add-ons next year.
  7. Plugged everything back in this morning and it works! Thanks for all the help guys! Now just have to figure out whats wrong with the floods.
  8. Ok, when I get back home tonight I will try that out. Thanks for all the help so far!
  9. Valid point on the channel vs output. Do I have to have a controller connected to the USB485 in order for HU to locate it? In device manager on both laptops under ports I have USB Serial Port (Com3) I have tried to update the driver on both and it says I am using the newest one. When I plug it in and unplug it that port does show up then go away. There should not have been a change in my OS as I turn off wifi to the laptop so that updates do not run while that pc is acting as my show controller. The only change that has happened is me trying to plug in the HolidayCoro floods.
  10. Hey guys, this is my 3rd year with this setup. I have a pixie 16 using channels 5-16 on a 12x50 pixel tree, channel 1 is a 50 pixel star, channels 2 and 3 are straight lines of 50 pixels each leaving 1 open port. I purchased 2 HolidayCoro 12 RGB floods to run on the empty channel. This morning I plugged the first one in (controller turned off) and got nothing. I had all lights set to 100% red in the HU. All other pixels were working. I turned off the controller and plugged in the other flood light, turned on the controller and nothing, all lights off. Now in the HU it doesn't even recognize the USB485. I have the black and the red. Neither are recognized. I have a separate laptop that I run my shows from. On a completely different I installed S5 and attached the USB485 and it doesn't recognize them either. On startup of the HU I get the first message below. After clicking Auto Configure I get the second message. I did press the test button on the pixie and the lights work as they should (the floods do not work at all). I should also mention that everything has been up and running perfectly since the day before Thanksgiving up until I killed everything this morning.
  11. I would love to get a copy as well. timc31610@gmail.com Thank you!
  12. Hey guys, I have a functioning 12x50 pixel tree using a pixie 16. I have several sequences that work well with it. I have 12 strings of 50 pixels taking 12 of the 16 channels with 4 left over for mini trees and a star. I know the pixie supports 100 pixels per channel so I wanted to convert my setup to 6 channels with 100 pixels each. While designing my prop in S5, it has an option to specify 100 pixels per string and 1 turn per string technically giving me 12 verticals at 50 pixels each. What do I change in my sequences to get them to play properly with the new pixel tree prop?
  13. It looks awesome at .05. Is there a way to change the playback speed of the effects separate from the audio track?
  14. I tried that, it seems that .05 seconds may be the shortest time allowed? I tried it with all of the effects selected, when that didn't work I tried a few individually. Thanks for the quick response Brian!
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