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  1. Now, that's funny.
  2. I use the HLE purple LED's for my tombstones, they work great. I used regular Incan's for my singing pumpkin, which were shortened from 100ct to 50ct where needed, and just electrical taped the unused bulbs. HC has a schematic for each of their designs and if you can't find it, just send David an email and he'll reply with the correct stuff.
  3. I forget what they are called, but they us pvc pipe and some kind of fishing ball. It's supposed to be a starburst of some kind.
  4. Yep, sometimes you just gotta throw up your arms and shrug your shoulder. First and foremost I have to admit we didn't put out a Christmas display this year. But a guy drives past and asks my wife if we're going to do a Christmas show, she says no, he responds that's too bad because I like your Christmas display, but I didn't like your Halloween display this year, although I liked what you put up last year. I looked at her like she was goofy because this years Halloween display was "exactly" the same display as last year. Same songs, same music, same everything. Go figure.
  5. The 24 channel board is available right now, for a mere $10 more. http://store.lightorama.com/cmdedcca3.html
  6. I'm at work so I may be wrong, but if I remember correctly, in the upper right hand corner is a slider thingy? which allows the background to be faded. It will go all the way to blank or black. Try that
  7. Ok Chris, you may have a weird computer like mine. I have a winVista machine that the beat wizard does not work on. Bob (the software guy) and I worked on it for about 3 days until he noticed some goofy thing with the audio file. Long story short, it's something the computer does with that audio file that the beat wizard doesn't like. Since I wasn't buying a new computer at that time, I just quit trying to use the beat wizard. You may try running the audio files through audacity, that may help. Sorry, I can't remember if that worked for me on the Vista machine. I am having weird stuff happen on my win7 machine though, like SE freezing up after playing a sequence to the point of having to close the SE to get it to do anything. I've resaved the sequence with the same audio file and it now works, stray electrons fighting each other I guess, lol
  8. Ok Chris, step back from the ledge, at first this stuff seems daunting. It will get easier. So, in win7, go to the start menu, documents, find the Lightorama folder, open it, find the Audio folder and make sure your song is in there, then go to the Sequences folder and make sure your .lms file(your sequence) is in there. If not, you can copy/cut and paste them from where ever they are to those folders, but if they are, go to the start menu, all programs, Lightorama, Sequence Editor, and click it. A popup box should show with New Sequences, Existing Sequences, and Recent Sequences shown across the top. right under that is a dropdown box that says "Look in". Make sure it says Sequences, and if your sequence is in that folder, it should show up. Once the sequence is open, go to the Edit button on the top, click it, go to the "Media File", click it and the Audio folder should open, select your music, click open and wait for it to do it's converting file thing, wait for this to finish, then click the save button(looks like a disk), and the sequence should then open with the music from that point on. If the sequence is not in the sequence folder or the music is not in the audio folder the sequence editor doesn't know where to find them, that's what this sounds like. Good Luck
  9. Anyone looking for a rock solid transmitter, EDM is running their special again this year, the rubber ducky antenna and free shipping. Send an email to the address listed above for further details.
  10. I'm at work so I don't have the program open in front of me, but IIRC, in the upper right hand corner is a slider that I think adjusts the opacity of the picture. Try moving that.
  11. Sorry, but I have no idea what you are talking about, what "status"? I looked in my profile and didn't see anything about status. Edit, I found that "enable status updates" thing, what does it mean? I got an X on mine, not a green checkmark, what does having a green checkmark mean or do? Sorry I'm about computer stupid.
  12. Actually yes Don, I see what looks like a person icon and then it say update status, what does that mean? Thanks
  13. I am trying to learn what all the new icons mean, is there a list somewhere?
  14. Hi Paul, Send EDM an email at edm@global.co.za and see if they can help. There is also a yahoo groups site, it is "edmdesign" although you must sign up and be approved to access that group, hope that helps, Bill
  15. The "media file not found" is the music file. It may be in your computer, but it's not in the correct location in the LOR folder. It needs to be in the audio folder.
  16. I use PNY for all my shows, have never had a problem.
  17. What's the "worst case" scenario if it tops out over 8amps? Blown Triac, burnt trace, fire.
  18. I would suggest you go to the manual for your controller and look at how to set the unit ID, and when that is done, go back into the sequence and verify that your sequence is set to the correct values. The system doesn't do any of that automatically unfortunately.
  19. Not to be a smart a$$, but your sequences do have your channels assigned? If you didn't assign controller channels to the sequence, it may play as you describe.
  20. As someone who works for an airline, you have no idea what you are talking about. We've had numerous pilots hit by those "little lasers", and thank god there are 2 pilots in the plane. The beam widens at that distance, but it still causes problems with a pilots sight momentarily, plus the fact that it's illegal.
  21. What does the "fm transmitter powers on" mean? The HU will not see the director. You said you didn't know what version you had, if the HU won't load the file, you may be trying the wrong file. The way LOR has those file names in the firmware list sucks, you can't determine easily what file to use.
  22. You need the RS485 adapter, connected to the RJ45 connector, the unit will be powered from the network, go into the HU and on one of the tabs it has the firmware button. You will be able to update the firmware from there.
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