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  1. Mr. P, I did move all of those files. Appreciate the info.
  2. Don, Thank you! That worked for the audio and all is right with the world. However I tried it with the image in the visualizer and it shows the image but none of the props. For now though I can edit on the newer PC and that's a huge save from you! K6, That sounds like the best answer. I will probably do that. But how do I tell LOR on both computers it's new path once I create the extra drive?
  3. Started building a sequence on an older comouter. Then read here that you can use another, faster one to build. Loaded software on the new computer and then tried to bring in the partially built files. The imported files would not work because the file path was not the same as older PC. Sucks but I get it. Soooooo my question is if I restart, build a completely new show then move it to older show PC will it work or search for different file path?
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