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  1. Thank you! I have already been dragged into it and love it. I can see lots of time, money and more time spent having ablast with it! To be honest, I don't have a very good reason for the commercial version opposed to the residential starter package. I will be reading up more because I do like saving money when I can. Really, I think you are right in that it would make sense to go with the residential version. (mind you, I always have much bigger ideas in my head and THINK I need to go commercial, or pro, or whatever. This will be for my house and the show, I expect, will grow immensely over time. I figure looking now will get me started and ready for next year! Learning curve and all... Oh... I do like the Showtime Central package and think that would be beneficial. Long story short, I appreciate your advice and I think I may go your route. Thanks again! Ben
  2. bfdowning

    A bit confused

    As I have been watching in the background and trying to familiarize myself with the ins and outs of controllers and starter packages, etc... I have found myself a bit lost. My dilemma - I am interested in purchasing the starter setup with the Pro license for software (Pro series 16 channel starter) I am also interested in purchasing the Pixie16 Controller with 16 X 100 bullet pixels I am interested in the most bang for the buck, at least initially, with plenty of pixels and a controller as well as the software and hardware I will need. I don't understand if the Pixie16 is a standalone unit or if it is something that somehow, someway plugs into the 1602 from the starter package. My confusion is that the power draw from the Pixie16 seems to be a bit out of line for 1 channel on the 1602 (since my assumption is that there is one power input into the Pixie16) I have read through a lot of posts here, and through the documentation for each of these products and seem to be missing something. Can anyone offer this newbie some advice on this and/or point me in a direction that can help me understand the hardware side of this better. Currently, I am imagining that by purchasing these two products I will essentially have the Pixie16 controlling the lights provided in that package and ALSO having the 1602 then providing 16 channels to attach into? I hope this makes some sort of sense. Thanks so much! Ben
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