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  1. I resolved the rainy night in Georgia GFCI trips on the minitrees last year by cutting some scrap vinyl flooring into mats to get the bottom ring off the ground. Cut a smaller hole in the center for a tent stake to use for tying it down. The leakage through a couple of trees wasn't enough to cause the trip, but when all 8 were lit it hit the threshold. I don't remember where I found that suggestion, but it worked like a charm.
  2. [picking jaw up from floor] That is breathtaking! Awesome show, Chuck!
  3. Max-Paul wrote: I have the CG1500's. The CG1000's are the ones Jeff mentioned. Good to know they keep the weather out, but I'll still throw a tote or something similar over them.
  4. TGabriel wrote: I used 5 of their 12x12x5 demarc boxes this season. A couple of the mounting studs along the top matched the predrilled high power heatsinks on the PC controller, so I just needed to add a couple of nuts and bolts at the bottom for support. Could have added reinforced strain relief for the wires, but the existing holes sufficed. I don't know that they're watertight, though, so I covered the ones that were outside.
  5. Frank A. wrote: And it's so worth it when kids and grown kids get that look of wonder and delight from the show. Nice work, Steve. Great job on the timing. I like that arrangement of Drummer Boy, too. That's not Jars Of Clay, is it?
  6. Praying for comfort and peace beyond understanding and healing for his wife and kids and friends, especially during the Christmas's yet to be.
  7. My cranky old show PC didn't like running Zara and LOR, so I'm using winamp instead for music when the show isn't running. I have 5 second animations in the startup and shutdown that run windows commands to stop and start winamp at the beginning and end of the show using the winamp CLamp utility. I do like Zara's features, especially the scheduled announcements and playing random clips, but doing it like this with winamp the "off duty" music automatically follows the show schedule.
  8. Tonight I had enough of the minitrees being offline, so I cut 20" round mats for each of them from scraps of vinyl flooring, with a hole in the middle for the tiedown. Worked like a charm. Thanks!
  9. Robert, Yep, these rainy nights in GA are a pain. My minitrees are causing heartburn, too. I'm ready to insulate the bottoms, but if I don't cover them to stop the path between the wires and the cage, I'm afraid I'll defeat the purpose of the GFCI's and have live cages during the show. Opinions?
  10. And watch out for powerlines. Here's what happens when a news truck's mast tangles with 115kv: http://www.ajc.com/news/wsb-tv-employees-survive-203866.html
  11. Richard Hamilton wrote: Thank you, Richard! It's working like a charm on my show backup Vista pc. Giving it some burnin time on the win2k pc. That box has been very stable for years (it ran the show flawlessly last year), but would lock up hard once to twice a day when running ZR 1.6.1. Thanks again.
  12. Is there a "safe" download of 1.6.2 anywhere? The exe is no longer on zarastudio.es at the link on the download page. Not to hijack the thread, but does anyone here have lockup problems with Zara? My family loves the random track events playing clips from Christmas movies and I love the scheduling features, so I hope I can get it stabilized.
  13. HD had green C6's listed online about 3 weeks ago, but they're not there now. How about CDI? http://www.creativedisplays.com/siteresources/modules/webstore/scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=523 Or LED Holiday Lighting? http://www.ledholidaylighting.com/c6-commercial.aspx They seem to be in stock, at nearly half of what your supplier quoted.
  14. I'm with ya on the ladders and heights thing, Pete! Maybe sagging could be minimized if you put cup hooks every x feet along the gable, and, unless you have a really high peak, use a length or two of pvc pipe to push the cable/lights onto the hooks from a comfortable position. Just a thought. That, and a 120' antenna is just screaming "super mega tree"!
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