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  1. Thanks Brian, So what exactly a mega tree if i may ask? Just a large tree in the middle pretty much right? Also the arches i see in some videos are those prebough or are people making them., Lastly, and i appriciate your help. WOW lights, if i buy things from them will it work with LOR equipment?
  2. Hi Everyone, I just bought - and am curious what the easiest thing to set up would be? I see everyone talking about sequences but cant i buy those pre done from LOR? Or do you have to manually do each one? My idea was to do 3 trees, 1 big two small on either side. would this be something i could do with 16 channel and the starting kit?
  3. Hi Guys, This is my first year ever attempting this. I just ordered the ,With that 16 channels does that mean i can have 5 lights piggy backed and plugged into one channel? So those 16 channels are what will be dancing to the lights in those sections right? Also, What would the easiest thing to set up? I have no Flipping idea what to design. I can even send you guys a pic of my house and you tell me what the best might be. I will add more and more each year but want something to look good this year. I appreciate your help ahead of time. Thank you!
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