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  1. Matrix Creation

    I used your file and made an "instant sequence" to test and it is still only running the bottom three rows......I have attached a screenshot that shows only three rows lighting up.
  2. Matrix Creation

    Brian if there is an easier way to work through this I am open to email or Skype. I also tried to find tutorial videos but am having no luck.
  3. Matrix Creation

    I am just playing it in the SuperStar program. The visualization of the matrix only has the top row of 25 working. The other rows don't even allow effects to be added. Not sure if it would help but Ive attached my visualization file. Test2.lee
  4. Matrix Creation

    I must be doing something wrong. Just made a visualization file and it imported and looks fine but then when I did a quick sequence to see if it worked only one row of 25 works.
  5. Matrix Creation

    Also when I go to make a "Quick Visualization" I only have the option to add a CCR controller with 150 channels but I need an option for 200.......
  6. Matrix Creation

    I just received my new CCR2 controller with 200 bullet pixels. I bought the CCR_4 license for SuperStar. How do I get the software to recognize the 200 pixels? I am wanting to do 8 rows of 25, but right now I can only get 4 rows to work within the software.
  7. Try For Free - Order Question

    I ordered the new pixel controller and 200 bullet pixels. At the beginning of October I was told they had all the controllers in and I would get an update in a few days. Still nothing.
  8. Is anyone else still waiting for their order to be shipped?
  9. CCB 2 with 200 lights

    Im still waiting on my CCB 2 controller and pixels to be shippined..........I ordered them in August Doesnt look like they will make the display this year
  10. Sale?

    Still no update on my order
  11. CCP-2

    Does anyone with LOR know when these devices will start shipping? I noticed today that the "shipping at the end of September" message is no longer on the website.
  12. Sale?

    I haven't received any shipping information and I ordered on Aug 30th. But I did buy some of the new CCR2 controllers so thats probably why.
  13. Pixel Software Question

    I just didn't know if it would be an issue since the pixels would be on the matrix in an "S" type pattern. I think with 25 pixels wide and 8 pixels high I should be able to make decent effects for the first year and then next year move to a mega tree. Yea I have already thought of this but I would buy a much larger license to cover myself for next year and beyond.
  14. Pixel Software Question

    Would the actual matrix sequencing be difficult in SuperStar? Since I would have the two strings of 100 broken into four horizontal lines of 25? (I know this is small but this is my first dabble into pixels and I already have a fairly big AC display)
  15. If I bought the new CCP-2 controller with two strands of 100 bullet pixels, would it be possible to make a matrix that is 8 pixels tall and 25 pixels wide (3" spacing)? I know logistically I can build the matrix but how hard would it be to sequence it in either the LOR Sequence Editor or the SuperStar Sequencer? Currently I have the S4 Advanced license. I would either buy SuperStar or upgrade my Advanced license to the Pro license.