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  1. Does anyone have a sequence for the following Jingle Bells Remix? Or anything sort of close? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DI3FBXN-72w
  2. Protege94

    Letters To Santa

    It gets cold here so the bugs arent an issue. Usually when the display shuts down I go outside, collect all the donations and candy canes and then put more candy canes out right before the show starts the next day. I noticed I would have 10 or so in my contained at the end of the show then the next day they would all be gone in the afternoon. This saved a lot of canes.
  3. Protege94

    Letters To Santa

    Thanks, ill take a look at your FB page when I get home at it is blocked at work. I plan on sending as many letters back as possible. Custom writing them all and then using different north pole style stamps
  4. Protege94

    Letters To Santa

    I sent you a text. Im thinking aboth trying to make one big box that incorporates a letters to santa slot, a donation slot and a drawer of some sort full of candy canes
  5. Protege94

    Letters To Santa

    Just curious if anyone puts out a Letters to Santa box? If so do you have pic? Did you make it or buy?
  6. Protege94

    Keeping People Out Of Your Yard??

    I put lights around the perimeter of my yard to discourage people from coming onto my property. However, last year I actually saw some little kids in my yard messing with some display pieces. I went outside and their parents were standing right there watching them. As soon they saw me they were like come on kids, as if I was terrible for coming outside. Keep in mind they were a good 20' onto my property and I didnt even say anything to them.
  7. Protege94

    No motivation yet - help!

    Honestly I would hate the whole Christmas season if I took off and didn't put out the display. I think my wife would be disappointed too. She always hates all the prep I put into it but then on Thanksgiving night I can always tell that she really enjoys seeing it. Its also kind of turned into a family tradition for my wife and I (and starting last year the baby) to stand in the street on Thanksgiving night and watch the first time the show runs on its own.
  8. Protege94

    No motivation yet - help!

    I feel you. I work Monday-Thursday, leave the house at 5:50am and get home around 5:45pm. Then I spend time making dinner, hanging with the wife and 6 month old. Once the baby goes to sleep my wife and I chat and watch a few shows/clean around the house. By that time its 10 or later. Not to mention we just moved into a new house two months ago so my whole display will basically have to be recreated both sequence wise and infrastructure wise. (all my ext are custom made for the old house) With a 6 month old its hard to get motivated when I know my windows of time to do things are based on her naps. I know eventually I will hit a point where I go into over drive mode and get it all (or most of it) done. But right now, the long list of things to do de-motivates me.
  9. Looking to buy the following: USB485 With Voltage Booster Input PUP Please let me know what you have, how much and if you're willing to ship it (ill cover shipping)
  10. Protege94

    Items for Sale

    Im very interested in the USB485 with booster if it is still for sale.
  11. Protege94

    Input Device

    My wife and I go to Chicago every Christmas (maybe not this one, we just had a baby) and enjoy all the festive things. Do you have a display page?
  12. Protege94

    House Shopping

    My first house (which I sold at the end of January 2018) was perfect for our display. We had a church parking lot across the street so all the viewers would park there and watch. The house itself was a smaller house and since we just had a baby we needed more space. Our new house is twice the size, the lot/house design are good for the display BUT the streets arent nearly as good for the traffic. Also we have an HOA now, but they do have a Christmas light contest. Except all the houses that have lights for the contest are very very small scale. The craziest thing I saw was a house with maybe 5 blow molds and their house outlined with lights. Keep in mind I run multiple controllers and over 10,000 lights. So yes I understand where you are coming from, but with a newborn and knowing this will be our last home purchase, I wanted a good neighborhood that would be quiet and good for the family.
  13. Protege94

    Input Device

    I already have purchased the CTBXX Input Connector Gen3, but am looking at purchasing the the Input Pup. Here is my question..... I am wanting to build between 1 and 4 light up buttons that I will place at the edge of my yard. The buttons will trigger a specific sequence. I know that both boards have an output of 9v, but am I wrong in thinking that the CTBXX Input Connector will be able to power 4 light up buttons better than the Input Pup because the power is being provided from a 120v powered controller over a USB powered 485 Booster? Here are the buttons I am considering: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11966
  14. Protege94

    S5 Beta Question

    Since the beta was extended to July, does that mean a full production version will be out for the actual lighting season this year? Also where can I get the most recent beta version to test out? (link location of file)
  15. Protege94

    Matrix Creation

    I used your file and made an "instant sequence" to test and it is still only running the bottom three rows......I have attached a screenshot that shows only three rows lighting up.