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  1. The first time I did it the controller popped up in white I selected it put in all the settings the instructions they gave me said (nothing about switching over to LOR mode) and that was it. Figured out I had did something wrong went to start over now it won't find the controller. Also I did have an error pop as I was trying to go through everything over and over. Something about the port not binded address in use. I don't know if that has something to do with it.
  2. That was the part I was going to do but now my computer won't even see it now.I have tried switching cords, computers,nothing. Right now when I just turn it on normal both lights are solid. Like in the instructions it should be running fine. But my computer can't find it to switch the setting over.
  3. I have had a 16 channel controller for a couple of years, running of my computer. This year I decided to go Big and upgrade. Right now I'm in a little deep, I purchased a new controller with the director built in and E1.31 pixcon16 for mega tree. Was able to get the mega tree controller configured at first barely (instructions they sent with it sucked and there was no manual found out I needed a crossover cable). Finally got to the part where the instructions they did send made a little more sense. But then went to connect to the director with a show just to test with all the controllers and none were working. I knew I missed something so searched for a couple of hours online then realized I needed help. So contacted customer service. Finally got some pretty good directions, so I decided to start over. The directions he gave seemed pretty simple. It told me to reset the board ( wich I didn't think it was that bad sence I didn't get vary far anyway). And do things step by step and not to continue till it did exactly what it said. I thought no problem. First configure controller. Thought ok done this already no big deal. Now my computer won't see the controller. Tried everything. Need some help I don't really get a lot of time to work on it being that I work out of town. I'm hoping to get it figured out ASAP. Thank you
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