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  1. Hi guys, I'm new to LOR and still trying to work it all out, I have changed my lay out of my lights and wanted to change the channel config on the left hand side so I don't have to keep going into it and changing from the old to the new. can anyone give me a few pointers please
  2. thanks for the tip, i think nearly all my lights have transformers
  3. Hi OzAz , thanks heaps mate, i have decided to try do a good show this year just trying to work out the LOR system has been a little tricky, where have you found most of your info for sequences?
  4. thanks so much guys I found the link and did the process again and it has now upgraded to standard and it allows me to use the beat wizard now really appreciate your help
  5. LOR sequence editor v4.3.14 basic.? Not sure why it is still basic
  6. A message keeps coming up every time saying "your license does not support this feature (beat wizard) you may still use it, but only to see how it works; you will not be able to save sequences after using this feature, nor will you be able to copy from it. " The only system I can use is tap.
  7. Hi Fellow LOR friends, I'm new to the LOR world and trying to work it all out, I have a standard licence and have been trying to work out why I cant use beat wizard ? also why am I unable to subdivide my times slots so I can get my timing 100% right ? thanks so much for al your help
  8. AWESOME ! thanks heaps mate just did that now
  9. It's a new thing here in Australia not to many people have them, Iv been watching a heap of YouTube clips to work it all out. Its not as easy as just plugging your lights in and away you go
  10. Hi guys finally after many hours have worked out that I needed to assign channels ect it can be pretty tricky for a first timer
  11. Simonkhoury

    New to LOR

    Hi Guys, i have only just purchased my LOR system and trying to make spence of it all, i have constructed my first sequence and I'm trying to play it now and it's not working.! I only have a basic licence does this not allow me to play music and a light show together or will I need to upgrade.!? thanks so much for your help simon
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