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  1. jarnhold


    well I feel stupid I looked and must have looked right by it Thanks Mega Jeff
  2. jarnhold


    I am wanting to purchase a 4 or 8 channel controller for next year, does anyone have one or know where to pick one up Thanks Jeff
  3. jarnhold

    Kelly Clarkson

    Does anyone have Kelly Clarkson Silent Night? Thanks in advance
  4. jarnhold

    Frosty The Snowman by Leon Redbone

    May I have a copy James jarnhold@eaglecom.net Thankyou
  5. 16 here looking for country seq. or really any Christmas seq. also have some I can share there not the best as im still learning jarnhold@eaglecom.net
  6. jarnhold

    Gene Autry - Here Comes Santa Claus

    May I have a copy Thanks jarnhold@eaglecom.net
  7. jarnhold

    Looking for Minions jingle bells

    May I have a copy Bill Thanks jarnhold@eaglecom.net
  8. jarnhold

    Silent Night

    Does anyone have seq. for Silent night by Kelly Clarkson that would be willing to Share Thankyou jarnhold@eaglecom.net
  9. jarnhold

    christmas vacation

    Thank you
  10. jarnhold

    christmas vacation

    Where can I find the part to christmas vacation the part where he lights up the house, I have seq but not the vocals Thanks
  11. May I get a copy Thankyou jarnhold@eaglecom.net
  12. May I have a copy? looks great Sarge jarnhold@eaglecom.net
  13. jarnhold

    County Christmas

    Already starting for this Christmas was wanting to do a country Christmas, I have run run Rudolph by Luke Bryan was curious if anyone had some to share. Thanks jarnhold@eaglecom.net
  14. may I have a copy Thanks looks good jarnhold@eaglecom.net
  15. Looking for traditional Christmas song 16 channel seq., Jingle Bells, Silent night ect. If anyone could help I greatly appreciate it, Thankyou Jeff jarnhold@eaglecom.net