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  1. I just want to take a bit to thank everyone who shares their seq. with whom ever asks. I have been doing this for 3 years now and when I started it was an eye opener to say the least, hours and hours that it takes to do just 1 song. It helps those of us that are fairly new to new get started and I have taken the many seq. that I have gotten and learned new tricks and able to fine tune the beat and such. Truly programing a song is an art and the more I learn the more fun it becomes. I am only 16 channels, I cant imagine hundreds and hundreds of channels but do see myself slowly expanding in the next couple years. I want to get into RGB but have no clue where and how to start. So thank you to all of you who share and I am hoping to share the many free seq that people were so nice to share with me starting next year. Merry Christmas and happy programing
  2. I think I am going to try what Griswold has those are interesting, I am not smart enough to figure the DC board stuff out lol, I really need to learn how to take my show to the next level, it is kind of intimidating. Thankyou all for the ideas
  3. May I have a copy Thanks James jarnhold@eaglecom.net
  4. I am wanting to add some flood lights to my show this year, I have a basic 16ch show no RGB or anything just basic. I purchased some LED floods from Homedepot but when I plug them in there is a short delay, I cant use them in timing sequences because of the delay,, is there anything in LED flood I can use ? or do I have to go to non LED or incandescent lighting? I would prefer to stay with LED if I can. Thanks all
  5. well I feel stupid I looked and must have looked right by it Thanks Mega Jeff
  6. I am wanting to purchase a 4 or 8 channel controller for next year, does anyone have one or know where to pick one up Thanks Jeff
  7. Does anyone have Kelly Clarkson Silent Night? Thanks in advance
  8. May I have a copy James jarnhold@eaglecom.net Thankyou
  9. 16 here looking for country seq. or really any Christmas seq. also have some I can share there not the best as im still learning jarnhold@eaglecom.net
  10. May I have a copy Thanks jarnhold@eaglecom.net
  11. May I have a copy Bill Thanks jarnhold@eaglecom.net
  12. Does anyone have seq. for Silent night by Kelly Clarkson that would be willing to Share Thankyou jarnhold@eaglecom.net
  13. Where can I find the part to christmas vacation the part where he lights up the house, I have seq but not the vocals Thanks
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