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  1. How long are the arches in the driveway? How many lights and sections? They are cool!
  2. Great!I thought it would,but I wanted a second opition on it.
  3. Can I use this wire for my arches. I would like to control 2 sections with 1 wire. Will this work? I would only have 1 -100 count mini per 2 wires. Thanks http://www.homesecuritystore.com/p-1131-fpl1121-2xu05-184-solid-fplr-500ft-red-wire.aspx
  4. Yes I have power pluged in on both sides( no stupid question ) Ihave a steady red light.
  5. I have Neil Monkman down the road a few I just have to find the time at night. My wife is the youth pastor at our church and we have a large pumpkin patch that takes all our time at night right now. I did check the fuses and I do have the right ones. P.S, As a old boss of mine use to say any help is good help.
  6. Dan I took the cord set from the right side and switch it with the left and nothing. I will get my electrician friend to come over and check it out. What do you want him to check.
  7. I really can't say, I just put a few lights on them when I got it. I switched the fuses and it still is dead on that side.
  8. Tim it was tripping the GFCI not the breaker. I had a neutral on the wrong side of the board. The number 8 channel doesn't come on them it is tested. All others work fine. I'm sorry for the bad/lack of info. I just want this to work and nothing has gone right. Now the board that was tripping the GFI is only working on the 9-16 channels. The others don't come on during the test. I replaced a fuse and tested the wiring. I will look at it some more Thursday.
  9. So in the last 2 days I have worked hard on getting my boards ready. I have had a lot of problems and I feel i'm almost ready. The only thing that is wrong now is channels 1-8 don't work on the board that was tripping the gfI. I just put in new fuses and still nothing. The light is on and the ofter channels work when I test them. Any ideas? Oh the reason it was tripping the GFI was I had a negative on the wrong side!
  10. I looked at my #3 board and I had a negative on the wrong side. I tested it and no trip of the breaker! Now only the right bank9-16 works. I checked the plugs and switched the fuses. No power now! Going to get fuses right now.
  11. Thanks everyone for your thoughts. It now doesn't trip breaker it just does nothing. No light is on and the breaker is not tripped. Also on my #2 board the 8 channel is not working. I switched the cord set out and it still didn't work. Any ideas?
  12. When i had it set up yesterday I didn't think to try that. Now I am waiting to change my whole computer setup to a new laptop. Now I am waiting for lor to email me a link to the software download. I'm stuck untill then.
  13. I have 3 controllers. I have tried switching where they are pluged in and they still trip the breaker. Each controller has it's own plug. 6 plugs for 3 controllers on six regular breakers. The gfi trips just for this one board.
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