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  1. Pioerpaolo

    pixcom16 e pixel rgb & superstar sequence

    hi, Meanwhile I thank you for your patience, You do not know how much I envy you and how much I suffer from failing to communicate with you well. Traslator or my traslator ;-) For what I managed to write The sense is more than he understands The Pest, I want to make a matrix of that size 2.5x4.5 metri, with the pixel-led rgb strips. That is, about 200 pixel-led rgb strips. My question is, I can make animated sequences Of all those pixels con SuperStar Sequence. Doing two calculations, 200 pixel-led rgb strips 150 pixels each, there are 30,000 pixels to animate, I can do it with a single animation or I have to break it. Thanks again for patience Pierpaolo italian granfather
  2. Hi, i'm an italian grandfather, sorry for my english, i help with the on-line traslator, so do not laugh for stupid things that can get out. ;-) i have an idea and therefore some questions. i expose you to my simply idea. i would like to use pixcom16 with its RGB pixel, to form a super tv, monitor, where i spend Christmas animations for my grandchildren and neighborhood children. i would like to install, on a empty box on the balcony of house, measuring 2.5x4.5 meters, all pixel rgb strings, filling all the space, creating, if you pass the term, a mega monitor. Obviously after purchaising the superm star license for channels, the questions is this, the superstar sequence, will you be able to handle and the animate all my pixel rgb strings??? calculating that the rgb pixel strings measure about 1.3/1.4 cm in width, i will need about 178 pixel rgb strings, will i manage to put them all together in one animation??? i hope to have been clear and have written so you can understand me. thak you in advance for the help. Pierpaolo