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  1. Wireless

    Ok where does the power go? I figured the rest out. But the power will not work through the regular power terminal.
  2. Wireless

    One more question what wire goes where on the board. I was thinking of putting them on the XLR plug.
  3. Wireless

    Thanks a lot Chris. I was wondering what you needed to build your own.
  4. Heeeellllppppp again

    Figured it out it was a PC issue. Stopped reading a com port.
  5. Heeeellllppppp again

    Had a major failure. I can use 1 of my 2 dmx unv and the lor at the same time now. Had no problem the other day. Now it started on it's own. S3 with a 16 channel lot box. Dmx is running on holidaycoro actidongle.
  6. Wireless

    The good news is I found the fix with the wireless receiver that will get me by for the moment. They seem to work just fine. If it holds up I may change all the box's over to it. I'm thinking the rj45 plug is the problem. But where I have it mounted I can not see inside it right now. So if the wireless holds up for the rest of the season I'll check it after.
  7. Wireless

    Yes I think it's the cat5 cable more than anything. It tests fine but it was working with a different cable. The only problem is I only have 1 that is that long of a run. So I wanted to know if anyone has used these before.
  8. Wireless

    I'm hoping the cat5 port isn't working. It's a hope and a prayer really.
  9. Wireless

    Is anyone using a wireless signal for the lights? I have a controller I can't get a cat5 cable to work on. So I order a wireless setup.
  10. Pixel nodes

    I am using the dongle from hc. They switched to the ones that have the 4 pin pigtail on them. In the hu all I had time to do.was.go in and turn on the red light and I got blue when I turn on green I get red when I turn on blue I get green. Know that I do know this I can get through this year's set up. But if there is a fix that would be great. I had it all set to go then added a talking tree I built. That's when it all went wrong lol. Thanks everyone for the help.
  11. Pixel nodes

    http://www.holidaycoro.com/27-Channel-DMX-Controller-for-RGB-Lights-25-Amps-p/25.htm This is my controller. The RGB lights are no longer being sold. It was the ones they just discontinued. I can not find a stock number for them. I did go into hu and was able to get the right colors by picking red or green or blue. However red is blue, Green is red, and blue is green. On the hu.
  12. Pixel nodes

    They are RGB from holidaycoro. And the controller is also from them. Like I said the strip lights work fine. But that's on a different controller.
  13. Pixel nodes

    So what your saying is to open the channel and rearrange it for that color first? I am new to rgbs
  14. Pixel nodes

    They are dumb ones they have the for colors as for the controller not sure at this time I'm not home. I'm not sure what the color.order is you are talking about also.
  15. Pixel nodes

    Why are my nodes red when I have the color set for blue? They seem to not be responding the the s4 program. They are dumb nodes. The strips work fine but the nodes will not.