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  1. SnoqualmieSpark

    Fixture Limit Question

    Is it possible to send the Santa & Merry Christmas files? I can't get them to download any longer? cmhspark@yahoo.com
  2. SnoqualmieSpark

    snow miser talking faces

    Would be great to get a copy of this, if available!! cmhspark@yahoo.com
  3. SnoqualmieSpark

    Singing Faces Sequences

    Old Sarge - Anyway I can grab a copy as well?? cmhspark@yahoo.com
  4. SnoqualmieSpark

    Disco Santa

    Would be great to get a copy of this as well!! Greatly appreciate any help for this procrastinator!!! cmhspark@yahoo.com
  5. SnoqualmieSpark

    Dokken Santa Claus is Coming to Town

    Would be great to get a copy of the Ozzy singing Santa!!! cmhspark@yahoo.com
  6. SnoqualmieSpark

    Looking for U2s Baby, Please Come Home for Christmas

    Would be great to get a copy of this as well!! cmhspark@yahoo.com Much appreciated!!! Michael
  7. Does anyone have a sequence for Santa and Mrs Clause from Holiday Coro? Just starting out but built the Santa and Mrs Claus from Holiday Coro. Thanks, Michael
  8. SnoqualmieSpark

    SNC 12 Days of Christmas

    Would love a copy of the faces... cmhspark@yahoo.com
  9. SnoqualmieSpark

    Pentatonix's "That's Christmas to Me"

    Would love a copy of the sequence if you would like to share.. cmhspark@yahoo.com