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  1. I have not quiet progressed to the singing faces yet , I added another controller for a mega tree this year and now know how to better utilize my use of LEDS. I am mainly looking for classics so anything is welcome. Don
  2. Hi guys, I am starting from ground zero this year and am looking for a few sequences to trade for. I have several 32 channel on my flash drive that I can trade for some 48 ones. My laptop crashed mid show this year and the flash drive is all I had backed up I just really want a new layout this year. If anyone would like a list of what I have to offer message me here or at Melissamcabee5@gmail.com. I am looking for slower, older, classics, such as silver bells, etc. Thanks Don
  3. This is my second season with LOR and sequences and I am getting a better grip on how everything functions and reacts to the sequences. I have purchased sequences last year to get started (before I found this site), and I wonder how many of them were someone else work and the seller just put them on there to make a buck. I would suggest from my past dealings with ebay that if a seller cannot prove they are the original author (most advertise as "custom" or "original") the buyer should demand a refund from the seller. I am both a seller and buyer (not sequences...vintage toys, etc) and I know how firm ebay can be on such matters this could be eventually stopped....I think. But on a more positive note, I have been very busy this year and will have sequences to share later this season.
  4. send some my way james, Im starting at ground zero this year...all new layout and could use a jump start...Thanks melissamcabee5@gmail.com
  5. looking for 16 or 32 or 48 channel mary did you know, silver bells, and silent night if anyone is sharing...Don.............. melissamcabee5@gmail.com
  6. my email address is melissamcabee5@gmail.com I am at work now but will check them out once I get home. thanks a million. Don
  7. Thanks everyone, it really is as simple as what you all said, I think I was over thinking the wiring once I have 4 colors on the arches, but Im gonna use all cool white. once again...thanks
  8. Im sure if I could see how it was built in the cell by cell format, I could figure it out. As for the chase effect, I cant get it to react in any way, I have basic software, should I upgrade to basic plus?
  9. so if the donor sequence is set up on 1/10th second, I should not donate to a 1/2 second format? That explains why the one I did earlier looks so random, and like it missed tiles in the copy/paste procedure....Thanks tons!!!! Don
  10. Hi guys, Im trying to figure our how to make leaping arch sequences for the 2017 season. Can someone please send me any sequence (song doesnt matter) so I can get the general Idea how they function in my LOR sequence editor? I was planning on a small 4 channel arch approx 8 ft long ( 2 of them), but I can add another 16 channel controller if need be. Thanks Don......................................melissamcabee5@gmail.com
  11. Not sure if I can word this right so I will put it as an example........I am adding a controller next year and I have found the perfect mega tree sequence on "jingle bells" and I want this same layout on "winter wonder land...rudolph....and frosty". is it possible to copy these 16 channels, and transfer them to other sequences? Or will I have to build the layout on all my sequences? Thanks Don
  12. I have basic edition that came with the package that I bought this year. How many controllers will it support? I have 2 controllers now, 32 channels and it does great, but I think I read somewhere that it would not support 3 or more. I just bought 2 more controllers for 2017 and need to know if I should buy a better grade software. Also I want to dedicate my old laptop to my show next year and need to know how to transfer my software to it. Thanks Don
  13. sorry guys I deleted all of my files due to a storage issue on my pc
  14. not sure if this is the right place, or how to correctly ask this question....but here goes. This year I have 32 channels, next year I want to go to 64 channels. Is it possible to "move" the content of my 32 channel sequences onto a new grid that will accommodate the new 64 channels? basically I would have 32 channels next year exactly like I have them this year and I would be adding 32 more channels...any help would be great. Don
  15. James, can you share the sequence I sent you with these guys? I had to dump excess files due to a storage issue with my laptop. If you can that would be great..ty in advance
  16. Sorry, I had to delete all my unused files due to a storage issue with my laptop. Tag one of the guys I did send it to and ask if they will share....sorry
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