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  1. 32 channel Halloween

    thanks James!!!!
  2. 32 channel Halloween

    Im thinking on doing a Halloween show this year and was hoping someone would share a few sequences for me to play around with, thriller, witch doctor etc. melissamcabee5@gmail.com
  3. 32 channel Halloween

    right now my rough draft will be something like 16 walkway pumpkins, and random red, purple, amber, and green light strands around hedges and tombstones. I display 14 life sized zombie props every year and hope to get two different type displays to "mesh" without one out shining the other
  4. 32 channel Halloween

    yes please!!! melissamcabee5@gmail.com
  5. Hard rock christmas?

    Anyone have silver bells by twisted sister willing to share? Or anything hard rock christmas? Thanks melissamcabee5@gmail.com
  6. leaping arches....

    Hi guys, Im trying to figure our how to make leaping arch sequences for the 2017 season. Can someone please send me any sequence (song doesnt matter) so I can get the general Idea how they function in my LOR sequence editor? I was planning on a small 4 channel arch approx 8 ft long ( 2 of them), but I can add another 16 channel controller if need be. Thanks Don......................................melissamcabee5@gmail.com
  7. Bad Santa 2 soundtrack

    Anyone sharing from the Bad Santa 2 soundtrack? Frosty by Ray Conniff (or any artist) Theres no place like home (for the holidays) by Joy Williams (or any artist) thanks melissamcabee5@gmail.com
  8. Classic Christmas

    Looking for classic christmas songs for the seniors in my neighborhood, Elvis, Bing, Gene, Eartha, era. Would also like some deep religious songs, Do you hear what I hear, away in a manger, etc. Thanks melissamcabee5@gmail.com
  9. Bing's White Christmas?

    can I get it as well james? melissamcabee5@gmail.com
  10. Gene Autry - Here Comes Santa Claus

    Share please? melissamcabee5@gmail.com
  11. ISO classics 48+ channels

    looking for classics, silver bells, sleigh ride, jingle bells, etc. Anything with a 50s 60s feel to it. Johnny Mathis, Elvis, etc. Im putting together a package for the Sr citizens in my neighborhood, 1 night a week, nothing but Religious/classic stuff.........Thanks for any contributions melissamcabee5@gmail.com
  12. All I want for Christmas Mariah Carey

    share please? melissamcabee5@gmail.com
  13. Looking for Pentatonix "Mary do you Know"

    share please, melissamcabee5@gmail.com
  14. Sleigh Ride by Johnny Mathis?

    Anyone sharing this sequence? or similar era version? melissamcabee5@gmail.com
  15. can I get it too james? melissamcabee5@gmail.com
  16. mary did you know

    can I have a look? melissamcabee5@gmail.com
  17. Does anyone have "baby its cold outside" ELF

    can I take a look at it too? melissamcabee5@gmail.com
  18. Ring Christmas bells

    can I take a look at it as well? melissamcabee5@gmail.com
  19. How much a sequence costs?

    Most of the time this site and many other offer to share free of charge, mostly in the spirit of giving is the reason we dont ask for money etc, only that the sequence being shared is in turn shared with others. Like Djr said if its too costly no one is gonna buy it, If it were my town I would do it free of charge if it were in my capabilities to do it. JMO
  20. Looking for Snoopy's Christmas (red baron)

    I sent my copy...enjoy
  21. Christmas song ideas???

    wow awesome!!!!! email address is melissamcabee5@gmail.com. thanks
  22. Christmas song ideas???

    I have nightmares when someone says pixlels.....Ill stick to the blinky blinky fade up fade down stuff LOL
  23. Christmas song ideas???

    wish it were that easy lol, my sequencing talent in in the (-) negative
  24. Christmas song ideas???

    My all time favorite and have never found it sequenced is Mary Did You Know by Clay Aiken